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WASHED UP....Siblings???

We are a Brother and Sister TEAM who have average "Run of the Mill" jobs that we dislike very much!
Thanks to ETSY, we found a joyful escape to life’s mundane day to day routine by sharing with you the ONLY thing that excites us..... FASHION!
We don’t know where this passion comes from, we just know the pure satisfaction and adrenaline rush we get, when we can create, find or offer you something just Totally and Utterly COOL!
We have no formal training,... (in anything really) but we are a very passionate, creative and hands-on duo. We put our hearts into everything related to our Etsy shop.... From Photography, Styling, Make-up, Scavenging for fashion and even our Website,.....
.... Everything you see is straight from our hands and hearts to your eyes!
We adore and explore many styles of fashion and styling with our light-hearted photo-shoots,... but through our Etsy listing photos, we intentionally choose to let our vintage pieces speak for themselves. We showcase a simplistic, effortless and raw approach to styling so that it's clear how these items can realistically and FANTASTICALLY fit into your lifestyle without a lot of fuss!

It's exciting for us to brainstorm new ways to bring you variety...and we are DYING to show you a more sophisticated side to our esthetic! We are currently working on our handmade line of knitwear…..
(another self-taught skill) …so if you enjoy our eclectic style ...……..Stay Tuned!
We feel so fortunate to be able to share our passion with you, and we hope through our shop you will find a unique and charming treasure that you will cherish forever.

Thanks for visiting!

Mimmi and Jon..."The Washed Up Siblings"
owner, curator, Vintage-Hunter
owner, curator, Vintage-Hunter