Wazzy's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my little doll-oriented haven~

Each doll you see is original, made by me, out sculpey clay baked on wire skeletons. When in the creative process, you can bet that I give it my all for each and every one of them. Some are of my own design, and some are based off of characters from musicals, books, and sometimes even those in our lives.

It is very rare for me to conjure up a double of a doll I have already created... However,
If you wish to commision from me a customized doll of your choice, the conversation button is hovering nearby and I'll give it a look over. Requirements for you to include in this conversation go as follows:

* Size
* Description of clothing and features
* Whether this is intended for child use

On the topic of child use, most of the poseable darlings you see here are intended for solely collectible, admiring, and display uses. Therefore, mature care and posession by an adult or mature child is sincerely recommended and, in a word, vital to the doll's survival.

A purchase from Wazzy can be seen as nothing below an accomplishment on your quest to aqquire beautiful, elegant, and spirited treasures... and most importantly, it is affordable joy.



Shipping is always done with great care, as I have handled some of the most challenging shipping maneuvers with extremely detailed creations. Your order is just about guaranteed unharmed unless something really freaky and unusual were to happen, and even so the packaging work is prepared for even that.