WeezieP's Shop Announcement

I make Ukrainian eggs for the sake of supporting tradition, and for the sense of participating in something that holds for me such a profound artistic and historical value. I have been making Ukrainian eggs for the past fifteen years. It has become a positive and creative outlet for my desire to utilize my ideas and interests surrounding both precision and color. I aspire to take this particular form of old world art to a fresh and contemporary level, and, share it with both the newer and older generations, alike.

In my work, I use permanent dyes and natural beeswax to make my eggs. I choose colors and designs based on what will be a new and exciting challenge for me. This method has lent itself to be useful in mixing my non-traditional techniques with the traditional style. I derive the images and ideas that I use, from the very things that I see all around me in my everyday life. Inspiration is everywhere.

In my current work, I’ve been striving to make a more creative piece of art as a whole. Not just a unique and interesting egg, but also a unique and interesting way in which to showcase it. I will find various display items at flea markets, novelty shops, and hardware stores, and this proves for me to be both an exciting and an inspirational addition to the overall process. Sometimes the object or materials to create the display for an egg will inspire the egg itself. You can look at my work and wonder, what came first the display or the egg?