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Announcement   July is my 3rd Anniversary in business (and our first wedding anniversary). Join us in celebrating with free domestic shipping all month, and a new sale posted each Sunday during the month of July.


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July is my 3rd Anniversary in business (and our first wedding anniversary). Join us in celebrating with free domestic shipping all month, and a new sale posted each Sunday during the month of July.

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A Misty Dimness Soap is dedicated to bringing peace during times of chaos, one soap bar at a time. I hope that you find the same joy and peace using your soap that I have found in the madness of creating it.

AMD Soaps are handmade using either cold process or hot process method. These methods use the natural chemical reaction of sodium hydroxide (a.k.a. lye or NaOH) with oils and butters. While lye by itself is a caustic substance and is handled with care during the initial soap making process, after the chemical reaction is complete, none of the lye remains in the soap.

AMD Soaps use oils and butters including: Olive Oil, Tallow (Lard or Beef Tallow), Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Castor Oil. Specialty oils include: Jojoba, Avocado, Rice Bran, and Sunflower.

I include luxury ingredients kaolin clay, dendritic salt, and silk to make a quality long lasting soap.

All soap ingredients are openly and fully disclosed on the online store, and each soap is individually labeled. If you have allergy concerns, please Contact me directly. I am more than happy to discuss ingredients, or even start a custom order for you.

I became a soapmaker out of curiosity and a crazy obsession with soap. Seriously. I was the kid that went around on Christmas morning scavenging the unwanted novelty soaps out of everyone's stockings. As a teenager and adult, I always had a collection of soaps, body washes, lotions, and scrubs. Even now that I make my own soap, I still can't pass soap at a craft show without buying it. I might need an intervention...

I had a twisted road to get to actually making soap. It was a three year process from the point where I read my first "How To Make Soap" tutorial, to the point that I actually purchased a bottle of Sodium Hydroxide (aka lye). That bottle of lye stared me down for a month before I finally used it. I spent the next year making plain unscented soap for my family, one pound at a time, and tweaking the recipe. In May 2015, I finally had a recipe I liked (I used this recipe until October 2016) and wanted to make soaps with fragrance and color.

When buying and making handmade soap, fragrances and/or essential oils and skin-safe colors are the majority of the costs. To make the soaps I was envisioning was more than my (at the time) single mom budget was able to afford. It was obvious that selling the soap would be the solution to the budget problem. In June 2015 I launched A Misty Dimness Soap to the world (aka FaceBook) and started making my first designed soaps. Fortunately my skills have grown alongside my business!

A huge part of my success has been my (now) husband Chris. We started dating the summer I launched AMD Soap, and he has been the chief mold and soap cutter maker from the start. We married in 2017, and he created my soap studio - giving me storage, and lighting, and space to work in.

When I'm not hunkered down in my soap studio (or lusting over soap on Instagram and Etsy), I work a full-time job in the engineering department of a magnetics company, I'm wife to Chris (aka the Sparky to my Soapy), mom to four kids, an occasional reader of books, tattoo collector, kombucha brewer, and actively involved in my church. It's a mad, happy life!

Thanks for making this journey with me,

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