WestwardGifts' Shop Announcement

All of my handmade items are made with a added ingredient, pride. Take my Quill Pens as an example, Each pen is made with a quality handpicked natural feather. Like a snowflake, a feather is a unique thing. Even from the same bird natural feathers are unique and no two are exactly alike. God, and the bird who grew the feather are the artists. Each feather painted by God, and then gently cared for and used by the bird until the bird had no more use for it. Then we step in and gather these feathers and making sure they are expertly preserved and bug freed. Then we take these natural works of art, and create a beautiful quill pen that we hope will continue to inspire the purchaser to create their next work. We never stop trying to improve on our pens, and we are always in the process of taking our quill pens to new heights.

We know that there are others out there in the world that are making some nice quill pens, and some are works of art also. So I continue to ask, is what we do as good as the best out there? Yes, we searched the world over and found the best nibs. We tried feathers from all over the world until we found the best offered. We designed and built our pens to look like a everyday used item from the 17th or 18th century. This is why our quills are made like they are and with the materials I use. Our quills are not just another thrown together or massed produced remake. Our quills are carefully and uniquely created with the best parts we can find. Each time we make any changes we study and retest these pens and then if we are happy with the results then we market them. For every feather that has made it we have scraped two or three that did not make the cut.

Old fashioned pride in what we make, will make the difference when you buy from us!

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