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My name is Andrew; I am an Artist and a Capturer of Light. I use photography to create images from everyday life but not always from an everyday perspective. By utilizing a variety of photo techniques grounded in a few different genres (macro photography, nature photography, and landscape photography) I generate fine art abstraction that often times lead people to ask "WhatDeHeck is that?" My goal is not so much to create that ponder in people but rather to offer a different way of seeing the world around us. As an Artist, Painter, Photographer, I explore the world around us and delight in how everyday things can become more.

I generate my "works of art" in two ways, with straight photography and also in a more personal way, via a mix media approach combining photography and painting. I combine my love of photography with my love of painting to create one of a kind hand painted works of art. When I am out photographing the world I tend not to think in terms of "that's a great photo" but rather "how I can combine this photo with my painting to create something more than the sum of its' parts" the end result is truly unique.