WhimsicalProperties' Shop Announcement

On a bright summer morning when I was in the backyard at our lake house with my two young children, I noticed a partially hollow log. As I bent down to peer inside, I offhandedly asked, “Do you think fairies live in here?” Four little eyes grew huge. In that moment, surrounded by the sweet fragrance of grass and earth, magic sprouted and so did Whimsical Properties. We watched that log and soon the fairies revealed themselves to us by leaving little signs of their presence. In turn we left them useful fairy size things—a milk pod to use as a chair; a feather as a fan; a silver gum wrapper to serve as a mirror. Collecting these items inspired me to create a couple of fairy houses as gifts. Before I knew it, I had a huge inventory of fairy real estate because...."I do believe in fairies. I Do. I Do."

Whimsical Properties offers OOAK custom building, remodeling and interior design services for even the most discerning fairies. We offer charming wooden huts to grace your garden to thoroughly magical cottages for children who "Do believe!" Each property comes fully furnished and dollhouses include treasure boxes & pixie dust.

Have a house you want remodeled for your fairy? We will re-design & furnish your property. Consider including family heirlooms in your fairy house which will only make your home more of a treasure!

Allow Whimsical Properties to place you and your local wee folk into a dream fairy home created with a bit of bark, a pile of pine cones, a mix of mushrooms and a pinch of pixie dust!

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