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Once there was this tiny villiage, Where fairies lived, Almost daily they were under attack by litter that humans threw from their cars, Or ended in the river beds that made the fairies drinking water unsafe! Lil Jasmine the smallest of the fairies saw the horrors of her people having to rebuild their homes from bottles, cans and other debri thrown down on little town! Or burned homes from careless cigarettes tossed out the windows!
So she set out to find help from all the magical beings no one had any ideas until she came to the muses.
One of the muse wiped the tears from her eyes and sent out to the human world and sought after crafters and recyclers,Whispered in their ears how to deal with discarded waste! Crafters got together brain stormed and came up with upcycled crafts while the recyclers recycled!
Jasmine little villiage saw a beautiful change not just in their villiage but in the humans community as well!!
Moral of the story- Reduce,reuse and recycle♥ (Story told/written by Whimsical Transformations_CLC.5/16/09