A work in progress of my horse Blazer. It will be the top of a dutch door when finished.
A piece called "Queen" I was commissioned to do by the local large animal vet.
This is me working on a bead.
This is my back door and inspired from a horse I use to own many years ago.
My never to neat studio! Creativity is messy in my mind:)

Ohio self taught glass artists- live on rescue farm.

I borrowed a book from the library about 17 yrs ago on stained glass and I decided I wanted to learn it. I was always drawn to anything glass. I've been doing stained glass ever since.

My husband, Don bought me a kiln 3 years ago and back I went to the library to learn how to use it.

About a year ago, I was introduced into the world of flame work and I am trying to master that glass form as well.

We live and work on a small rescue farm in Louisville, Ohio called "Misfit Farms" where I can work in my studio on glass while caring for many rescue animals. Fall is my favorite time of year. I like the cool weather, the orange leaves that surround me and watching the farm animals get their winter coats. I enjoy the warmth of our wood burning fire and the excitement of upcoming craft shows, square dances and tractor pulls.

I love the slow pace on our farm. We try to grow a lot of our own food and the animals food. We have maple syrup from our trees, honey from our bees, eggs from our chickens, fresh , frozen or canned food from our garden. We don't have cable T.V. we often enjoy a good book by the fire or play old fashion board games, we heat our home with wood and we take much pride in doing most things the old fashion way.

I take inspiration from the beauty that surrounds me at home. Flowers, leaves, and animals are among my favorite subjects. Recently, I have started incorporating found objects around the farm into my designs, horse shoes, beer bottles, bailing twine, skeleton keys. Who knows what. If it is laying around it is fair game for my designs, that is one reason many of them are one of a kind.

You can also find Whirl Girl Glass Designs at many surrounding galleries, museums and art shops in North Eastern Ohio.

If you are interested in seeing my works in progress follow me on Facebook and you may catch a sneak peek.

Lastly, I love to laugh and have a sense of humor. You will hopefully appreciate this in my descriptions.
Syler, Silo, and Shreddar
My three dalmatians keep me company in their "office" under my work table where they enjoy playing with toys, eating bones and making me smile.
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