Photo Booth Props on Sticks ~ Mustaches, Smiles & More!

Behind the mustache: Alex and Amber
Our very helpful (ahem) office assistant.

Spreading smiles across the world, one mustache at a time.

After years of working as an art director for advertising agencies from Orlando to Honolulu, I now delight in telling people I make mustaches for a living, out of my country Victorian home in Sanford, Florida. My name is Amber and I'm a mom, vegetarian, Army wife, sister to seven amazing people, and guardian to two fantastic kitties. I love gardening, have visited more than 40 states and enjoy watching New Girl with my husband, Alex.

An average day starts at dawn, with an hour or two of responding to e-mails and organizing a production list for the day. Then I'll move outside to finish up props - sanding the rough spots and drilling holes for the dowels. I finish them up with a washing and hot glue gun. Packing and shipping comes next, a process that consumes a couple hours. From there, I'll spend the rest of my day pouring polymers for new props, photographing and creating new listings, or catching up on more e-mail. It adds up to a lot of hours, but I enjoy the work -- because the world could use a few more mustaches.

My mustache philosophy:
Male and female, young and old, these silly mustaches and lips bring friends and family together in a hilarious way. I'd call that a successful ingredient for any celebration.
owner, Mustache Maker
Artist and crafter, traveler, Guinness-lover
owner, Mustache Marketer
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