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Welcome to WHITE MAGICK ALCHEMY®, where the spirit of old world pagan traditions transcend with beautifully handcrafted, originally designed, authentic witch blessed magical offerings, candles, incenses, alchemical brews, conjure potions, spell oils and so much more ~ I invite you to step into the portal to Old World Magick and begin your magickal journey ~ Welcome to the first Magick Shoppe on Etsy!~

Lovingly handmade mystical gifts for the Goddess Witch and Wizard are abound. Each formulation, a proprietary blending of ingredients from my own personal grimoire. Sacred oils, blessed herbs, natural resins, and focused intent, bound together with all-natural organic alchemical ingredients encompassing true Old World spirit.

I must tell you, all of my magickal offerings are handcrafted to order here at White Magick Alchemy harnessing the sacred cycles of the old ways pagan tradition. I kindly ask that you always allow 7 to 21 Business Days for your order to be hand crafted. My goal is to ship your order within 7 to 14 business days, but as my shop begins to grown even more and we get busier and busier, more time is needed as each and every item needs to be crafted magically with attention to detail.

Please read about my shipping policies before placing any initial order.

All of my magickal offerings are skillfully crafted using only premium ingredients, organic herbs, pure essential oils, absolutes and essence oils. Handcrafted in the ancient tradition of Old Ways witchcraft and originally designed, my hand poured candles, spell and ritual candles are carefully crafted from all-natural premium quality waxes, all-natural fresh local beeswax, pure essential oils, essence oils, natural botanicals and pure cotton wick, free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space.

You don't have to be a witch, pagan or wiccan to enjoy the many magickal enchantments offered from White Magick Alchemy My wares are here for everyone to embrace and harness spiritually and magically. I hope that you will enjoy and appreciate all of the many creations we have to offer and share to you.

White Magick Alchemy carries an array of handmade "Witch Wares" including beautifully handmade premium candles, herbal alchemy, divination tools, pendulums, ritual oils, altar supplies, sacred spell and ritual kits, crystals, magickal and healing gemstones, herbal potions and rare magical apothecary and alchemical brews. You are sure to find something magical to assist you in your spell workings, adorn yourself and your sacred space.

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A seasoned witch by nature, I love creating. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums whenever possible, that’s why you will find a myriad of different offerings in the shop, which I envision, charge and create into magickal offering for you and our family of witches. I have a strong connection, appreciation and love of animals, the earth mother, nature, and the forest. I feel a profound connection to the moon and fuse my oils and herbal blends under the moon at nightfall, by candlelight, where I can peacefully create my magical items to share with you, drawing strength and creativity from her natural light and divine ethereal energy.

I have been making and magickally creating candles for over 21 years, so you can rest assured you are purchasing premium, hand poured candles made by an experienced candle maker. White Magick candles are not only beautiful, but are created using only the finest premium waxes, pure essential and essence oils, natural botanicals and dyes, pure cotton wick, and are witch-charged for each specific intent. Each candle is hand poured with love and magick, and you will receive only premium, high-quality candles that are made using oils that are exclusive to White Magick Alchemy. You won't find my custom blended aromatic fragrances anywhere else.

Sadly, since my arrival here on Etsy in 2008, my "made in the spirit of the old pagan tradition, Old World slash Old Ways" theme was immediately copied and another seller(s) began creating knock-offs of my original and copyrighted designs including the majority of my candles creations, my old world style packaging designs and unique magickal names that I wanted to use to set my creations apart from anyone else's. Beware of a knock-off shop that mimics White Magick Alchemy as the shop announcement was pretty much copied word for word from my own personal writings. Know that when your purchase White Magick Alchemy, you are buying from the original creator of these unique and magickal creations, who's mission was to bring back the magick of a bygone era, reminding us of the true spirit of witchcraft. Don't be fooled by the imitations, as they are simply just that.

My daughter Sydni has been beside me on this journey since she was about 5 years old. As a child, she loved coming with me to our shoppe and candle factory and was always helping out. She is now a young lady of 20 and has joined me here at White Magick Alchemy where together we create magick to share with you. Her strong sense of creativity, knowledge of magick, and experience in candle making is making the ride that much more fun.

I am of Norwegian, Romany and Hungarian decent. My practice is paganism encompassing old world traditions. I don't pretend to be something or somebody I am not. Giving oneself the title of "witch" does not make one a witch, neither does heredity, nor the collection of titles, degrees or initiations. A witch seeks to control the forces within herself or himself, thus making it possible to live wisely and well, in harmony with nature, and not harming others.

I kindly ask that you allow 7 to 21 business days, not including weekends and holidays, for your magickal items to be created. Its just me, my daughter Sydni and Jessica here, everyday, just making magick!~ Please feel free to read my shop policies before purchasing and I invite you to read more about me and our White Magick Alchemy family in my profile!~

♛ Queen of the Witches!~ Just finished making the candles for "Witches of East End" TV Series ~ I am very honored and proud of the success of White Magick Alchemy, one of the first magick shoppes here on Etsy ~ I remember when I joined Etsy, I was the only person crafting and selling authentic witch-crafted and magically charged spell candles of any kind here. My unique and original candle designs have been the inspiration of many new comers to Etsy over the years, sadly to some who feel compelled to outright steal my original designs and shop theme. Know that when you purchase from White Magick Alchemy, you are buying from the original creator of these uniquely designed spell candles, crafted with focused intent, encompassing authentic Old World spirit ~ Magickal Blessings ~ Nancy )O(

Thank you for stopping by and check back often!
Magickal Blessings ~

Nancy, the Witch of White Magick Alchemy

All sales are final ~

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