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7 months

When do your best ideas come to you? After a few days away from the bench, this simple, elegant, yet a little bold design popped into the forefront of my mind. Living among towering Karri forests, I'm pretty excited about these leaf shape hoop earrings.

1 year

Stacking Bangles, with my own unique textures, thanks to hubby who handcrafts tools for my work. How so very lucky am I? blush

1 year

I'm really happy with my new little round stickers. They help me say so much. I am grateful you chose my shop. I am grateful you chose my jewellery. Thank you. blush

2 years

Soon to be released, the 'Rock Pool' series, inspired by rugged, wild coastline right on my doorstep, my place of solitude, inspiration. These look fabulous mixed with basics like this elegant stacking ring. Free spirited, elegant, just like you.

3 years

Fresh from a super shiny polishing. The classic set of 3 bangles are already in my shop, the others soon to follow.