WildflowerDolls' Shop Announcement

By way of introduction, go to the wonderful Wildflower Doll write up on Emily's blog, thetoyboxphilosopher with this link:

If you are looking for a truly unique hand done work or art, a one of a kind doll, do check out my Wildflower Dolls! There are many pictures on my as well as in the sold section of my etsy shop. I have taken my Limited Edition Doll Heads and put them on Obitsu, or Barbie Fashionista, Integrity, or Pivotal Bodies, painted them, and given them gorgeous natural hair, glued on with the trolling method. These doll heads are entirely created by me and have been in development five years now. I will be putting them up on etsy, one by one. There are 28 different heads, including two guys, and the possibilities are endless!! The original sculpture is made of a wax clay (search on my Flickr for "How They Are Made" to see pictures of the process), then a silicone mold is made, they are poured and removed from the mold, then they are attached to the doll body and painted, and the hair put on. They are smoothly finished, but not as smooth as a commercial resin doll, as the wax clay is sculpted with tools. They are poured in a special material that is a resin, gypsum mix, has a porcelain like finish, and takes the acrylic paint beautifully. Please ask any questions you may have. The material the head sculpture is made of is rigid, and is posable on the neck because of gasket material between the head and the neck. Because of this, the head movement has a different feel. They are 11 to 11 3/4 inches tall, depending on the doll bodies. A most distinctive feature of my dolls, besides that an awful lot of them are redheads, is that they look like real people and will be an exciting addition to your family of dolls!!

Check out my Flickr site! and type in "WildflowerDolls" on ebay to check for my dolls there.

The prices of the dolls depend on the doll body used and how high the number is of the Limited Edition doll head.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES will be calculated on the basis of the most reasonable rate (First Class International) unless otherwise directed. We will let you know if there is any additional cost.