WildlingSpins' Shop Announcement

***ATTENTION***Canada post has once again increased postage. I apologize for passing this cost on to you but I do try to cut corners where ever I can. You are so lucky in the US. Your postal system kicks butt!

Gorgeous fiber for hand spinning and felting. Vintage fabrics. Vintage knitting and crocheting patterns.

PLEASE read shop policies BEFORE purchase.

If you would like to make a special arrangement or request CONVO me BEFORE payment and we can discuss it.

There exists this thing called the Canada Post Bermuda Triangle and every once in a long while a package slips in there and doesn't show up for anywhere up to a month and a half! (That's happened twice in the last four years)Thankfully nothing has ever disappeared completely. So if your package is slow to arrive never fear! It will arrive. That said I send all light packages via air and almost without fail they arrive in about a week to a week and a half. Sometimes less than five days.

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I have jewelry and art listed there.

My batts are like a delicious layer cake with a generous layer of sparkly icing heaped on top! They are carded in a very deliberately layered style which I have developed over the years to suit my personal spinning tastes. If however you hanker for a more blended look I would be happy to rustle one up for ya! Blending will create a heathered more muted overall color tone. Layers spin out in brilliant chunks of color. Blending will also dispurse the angelina creating a more subtle glittering effect to the finished yarn as opposed to layering the angelina and silk mostly on the top where you can control where it lands and spin it out in great shocking big globes that will stand out a mile away. Subtle or striking, the choice is yours!

Please be aware that Canadian postage is more costly than American postage. That said I try to give my customers the best postage deal I can. Often what I charge covers only ACTUAL POSTAGE and not the envelope or my time and gas to deliver it to the post office. If there should be any overages in the postage I am happy to refund any excess through paypal. And for you spinners I am happy to make up any extra shipping with MORE FIBER! I have done this for many customers and so far everyone has LOVED it.