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Exceptional Crystal And Mineral Items For Those Who Seek Them.

Thank you for visiting my shop. I'm a trained Reiki Master and also certified in Crystal Healing/Therapy. Using my intuition, experience, and training I take great care in offering only the best combinations of items to help people along their spiritual journey.

All items I have listed for sale are have arrived at my door thru divine guidance and are here waiting for those who seek them. Trust your instincs within, they will never steer you wrong.


As a result of my most recent learning journey I'm now a certified practitioner of the Lemurian Crystal Keys healing modality as taught by Kathleen Murray at the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing in Scotland. At this time I'm the only person in the USA to have gone thru this Crystal Keys learning process. Hopefully more to come as time goes by as it's a truly wonderful type of healing! I'll share more information sometime soon with details on how I'll be offering this service to any interested parties. Remote/distance work is extremely effective with this type of healing.

Much abundance and light to you all, Theresa


***My sincerest apologies, but due to current circumstances I'll be unable to do special requests until further notice. This note will be removed when I'm able to offer them again.***

If you do reach out to me with a question or request, please know I do have a full-time "day job" and rather busy life so your patience with my replies is always greatly appreciated.

I try to keep my store as stocked as possbile, but please know I usually have 10x more unlisted than listed inventory at any given time. (I have a LOT of unique and special items) I would love to work on my Etsy store's listings full-time but as of right now that's not possible. I'll be adding addtional items from time to time so please check back once in awhile.


July 2015

Received a HUGE shipment of many boxes from my favorite wholesaler, some I still haven't unpacked yet as of December 2015. If only I had more spare time and there were more days in a weekend I could get more of these lovely ones out into the world. All for a reason though, all for a reason. The Crystal Room has officially run out of room and we've now moved onto a second room (Perhaps I'll call it "The Crystal Annex") (haha) creating magical energies with all the amazing be-ings here. Both those who stay with me and those for whom I'm only a temporary caretaker.


January 2015
Getting a few listings up again here and there. Isn't doing much to make a dent in my inventory though which has almost outgrown the room it resides in (aka "The Crystal Room") and I've now got 6 new boxes on the way from my favorite wholesaler. What can a girl do? When they call, they call! Perhaps I'm stocking up for the happy day when I'll no longer have a "day job" and can do this full time. (what a pleasant thought) On the way are:

1. Some large "mystery" items. I let my wholesaler pick and surprise me

2. Moon Charger Starbrary Lemurains galore. It felt important to buy all of them that my wholesaler had left. (I was a LOT, gonna take a loooong time to get them all out into the world)

3. Something new,they're calling "Red Hematite Lemurians". I'm told they're different than the Red Lemurians I've had in the past and I can rely on that info because both came from this same wholesaler

4. Ametrine crystals, polished, my wholesaler handpicked only the best ones from what was being offered while in Brazil

5. Smaller Trigonic quartz (I've only had larger pieces in the past)

6. Golden Rutile Quartz, both polished and unpolished varieties

7. A new type of Super Seven that's been found which I'm told have "stellar" inclusions


January 2014

I'm still here (!) believe it or not and still trying to get more time for more regular listings like I used to do. Thank you as always for stopping by to take a look in my shop. Though I haven't really been able to list much of anything from the August shipment yet, I do have some more new things on the way this month:

1. Another shipments of small blue quartz with attached purple tourmalines, found only in 2004. I have some of thes already but until recently they haven't asked to be sold in a couple of years at least. My wholesaler still had another parcel of them and it felt right to get it. I won't know if they're exactly the same as the ones I have now until they arrive.

2. Natural, unheated Citrine from Zambia

3. Natural, unheated partially polished lightning strike Citrine from Brazil

4. A new shipment of Stromatolite flowers

5. Another shipment of the "Glowing" Blue Tara Quartz from Brazil. (not the "Regular"
Blue Tara I also have)

6. Another shipment of Red Lemurians from Brazil.

7. Green Kyanite from Tanzania

Another thing coming from a different source, that called to me daily for well over a week are some crystals calling themselves "Fortunate Number Crystals". These are from a source I don't often work with so I don't have a lot of accurate details on where they originate from (could be Madagascar, could be Brazil, could be China, could be.........) but I know they are red in color and they were extremely persistent. Persistent to the point where I wasn't able to focus well with them in my head all the time. (sheesh!) So I finally gave in and made the commitment, (peace at last!) they're on their, way and I'll know more about them when they've arrived and shared their message.


A few new things will be coming in from one of my favorite wholesalers:

1. "Shaman Elders" Amethyst quartz with hints of smokey and citrine from Bolivia. I ran out of these awhile back but my wholesaler found some more in his warehouse. These were a favorite type for a lot of people and sold out rather quickly

2. Hematite re-capped Super Seven crystals from Brazil - These are the ones that look extremely similar to the Auralite 23 from Canada. I haven't sold any in awhile, my wholesaler is sending a fesh batch, all red capped I'm told. (they don't always have their red caps intact) (this example is a rather small one)

3. A new find, what I'm told is peach colored Amphibole quartz from Pakistan.

4. Another new find, mostly Dow, unusual formation Quartz from Peru. Peru is an unusual location for quartz so hearing they have odd formations doesn't surprise me.

5. And yet another newer find, quartz with a vivid RED Amphibole in it that was found in the Lemurian mines in Brazil.


March 2013

***The only item left from this shipment is:
14. Trigonic Quartz - Montes Claros, Brazil
and it hasn't asked to be sold yet. I will gladly get it listed as soon as it asks to go. I have two very large points, one from this shipment and one from a prior shipment. not sure what they're waiting for, but I respect their desire to wait.***


Service Listing - Sadly, Etsy in all their wisdom deactivated my listing offering the free service of charging your crystals or minerals in my Lemurian Leo Trio circle. Apparently you aren't allowed to list a free service even if you're paying for the listing. A real shame...... However, I realized that this listing is still showing in my sold listings for anyone to look at. Please click this link or copy/paste into your browser to read the information about this circle to see if the service interests you:


Though Etsy is my absolute favorite site to sell on, please know that I sell on eBay too if you're not finding what you're looking for here. I allow the crystals and minerals to tell me which site they want to be sold on...and they do seem to have very specific opinions on that when the time comes for them to go.


And finally, a fond 2013 farewell to our beloved Greyhound and shop mascot, Roxie. She really loved being in the midst of all my crystals and minerals and often used my 27 pound smokey Elestial as a pillow. (when she didn't have her nose streched out to touch a different Elestial crystal I had sitting next to one of her other beds) Roxie's now watching over everything from the rainbow bridge with all our furry and feathered friends who have gone before her. Our new Greyhound Ace is trying his best to learn the ropes of being a crystal pup and photo-model on some of my reserved listings.

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