Smoothing the surface of the blank
Shopsmith waiting for the next one.
Me rounding the pen blank prior to shaping.
Sizing and Shaping the blank to the proper dimensions

Joy in life comes from doing the best you can in the things you enjoy doing most.

I'm not at home sitting on the sidelines: I'm a "do-it-yourselfer" in just about everything I do. I spent over a decade as an auto mechanic, always do my own work on lawnmowers, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. I do all my own home repairs and remodeling (almost need two of me for this sometimes).

My woodworking to date has had me repairing my own furniture, shaping the moldings for in my 100+ year old house and building my 7ft tall aquarium stand for my 75 gallon planted discus aquarium.

For the past few years, turning wooden bowls and vessels and especially creating wood and acrylic pens on my 1954 Shopsmith lathe has been the main activity for my shop time.

Each pen is a small project that can be seen through to completion in a relatively short time for the gratification of a job well done, which doesn't come as quickly with many of the bigger DIY projects I take on, so turning pens is very rewarding to me and something worth continuing with. This also extends into turning other larger items where I have more opportunities for self expression in larger objects such as bowls, vessels, platters, etc.

Any way I look at it, it's an educational, challenging and fun journey!
Dave Herrmann
owner, maker
My character is that of a learner and a creator. I love learning new things and I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from from seeing the final product of something I've created.

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