WiseSewcialTies' Shop Announcement

Plus Size Beach Boho Gypsy Pirate Edgy Funky Recycled Living for your one of a kind Life!

I have returned to school to finish my degree in Fine Arts. I'm having so much fun in watercolor class, geology , sociology and American History I at Forsyth Tech. Hugs to my fans.

Wise Sewcial Ties is a celebration of One of a kind gifts contrived from Modern, Reclaimed and Vintage Fabrics. You will not see the same exact item made twice. Each gift is made differently with artistic twists. I enjoy making something new or different every time I step into my studio keeping it fresh and real and learning something new in the process. This is my full time career. I live and breath for creating.

My confession
I love the 80's and 90's! I have a farmers tan. I grew up in Central Florida. My dream was to work in animation at Disney World. I am a twin. I have four kids. I only do things I want to do. I stand firm and true. I value my paying clients and give great customer service. I panic on a plane but fly anyway. I love to ride a bike. I am addicted to basketball. I sit on my front porch everyday. I share way to many photos on instagram. I try to read at any given opportunities. My grandparents taught me unconditional love and how it feels. I love Etsy. I hated flip flops as a kid and now wear them year round. I listen to every kind of music genre out there. I love the dictionary app on my phone. I left a career in the technology field. I believe in fairy tales. I pray for blessing. I add to this list as much as I can. I thrive on watching my children play. I need to exercise daily to sleep at night. I love thrift shopping. I must sew.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.