WispAdornments' Shop Announcement

Wisp is Modern Hair and Ash Keepsakes in the Victorian Fashion. Custom jewelry pieces created for people who want them. Baby keepsakes, Reliquary jewelry.
Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Do I have to send the ash or hair when I have jewelry made, or can I put it in myself?
Most of the designs that incorporate cremains allow for you to insert the ash and set the gemstone over them. I can send the setting and gems with instructions, and you would have to buy a bezel roller and a burnisher (fairly inexpensive, around $5 each) but it is possible to complete the last step yourself or with the help of your funeral director if they feel that they can assist you.
Hair pieces are a lot more complicated, but I'd be willing to let someone try to set simple designs on their own as well.

What if there is leftover hair or ash that doesn't fit in the jewelry setting?
It is sent back to you with the finished jewelry.

How do I get the hair/fur/ashes to you? Once a design is settled upon, and you purchase a jewelry piece, I will send instructions on how to mail things to me.

Can I wash my hands while wearing a memorial ring?
Yes. The settings are water tight and hand washing or short exposure to water will not affect the jewelry. Do not ever use liquid jewelry cleaner. I provide polishing pads and you can easily purchase them on your own.

Please contact me to begin work on a piece for you. Prices are dependent on the amount of work and vary, as well as the availability and price of gold and silver supplies( gold designs are roughly 5x more expensive than silver). I do my best to offer affordable options, and will update my customers with pictures of the piece I am creating as I make progress.
Shipping prices are reflective of United States postal regulations stating that cremated remains must be shipping Priority Express and be labeled as such.
Modifications for designs originally intended to hold hair may mildly alter the appearance of the designs, but this is necessary to ensure that the ash will not escape.
No returns.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.