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WistfulSupplies is taking a short break.

10-03-11: Hi there! I realize some variation of this message has been up for a very long time and many longtime, loyal customers have had to move on to purchasing from someone else, which I understand though I'm sorry to have lost you as a customer and hope that maybe you'll see this message or see that I've reopened and come back because I appreciate and miss all of you! Just wanted to make a note that I had yet another health setback since the last update I posted but I am finally in a place where things are at least a little bit less hectic and hope to reopen this month. I realize I've probably missed most of your holiday shopping but feel free to send a convo if you'd like to see about placing an order between now and when I open or as soon as I open and I can let you know if I have what you need in stock. There are a few items I'm having trouble restocking due to problems with suppliers but most everything that I used to sell is still in my inventory so I just need to get organized and reopened. I *really* hope to be able to do this by the end of October at the latest. For really real. No really. I promise. Which is to say: I promise I will do everything I can to make that happen. :)

Also: deepest and most sincere apologies if I missed replying to a convo you've sent in the last few months. I've had some trouble with my email and I've never been able to really keep up with convos on Etsy - I always am made aware of them via email and I think I may have missed a few. If I've failed to respond to you, I can promise you it was absolutely not meant as a snub or a lack of interest in your business or anything like that. Life has just been sort of relentlessly overwhelming lately but I hope to be reopened soon (she says for the hundredth time in the last year). Stay tuned! Please convo with any questions. Thank you so much for your patience and support! xo!

8-11-11: HELLO! I know I've been away for a very, very, VERY long time but I am working to get everything ready so that I can open for the holidays at least, even if I end up having to close again right afterward. I'm having health problems and don't know that I'll be able to stay open but I am hoping to be open again sometime during the week of the 21st-27th.
As much as I LOVE my international customers, I am only going to be taking US orders during this time since US postage can be printed at home and picked up from my home but unfortunately, the same is not true of international mail. In addition to having health issues that have caused a great many problems, I also have limited transportation so trips to the post office are an obstacle I can't really work around right now. I will try to work something out for next year and fully intend for this limitation to only be temporary.
I'm currently going through my inventory and prepping buttons and things like that. If you are a regular customer who still checks in, well, first of all, THANK YOU, that means the world to me. Secondly, if you are checking in and see this message, please feel free to convo me and let me know what you need and, if I have what you need in stock, I will make a spreadsheet listing names, dates, and items so that your listings will go up first. If you're comfortable paying in advance so that your order can ship right away, let me know. Otherwise, orders will ship in the order that payment is received.
If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you again for your patience and I look forward to finally reopening my shop, yay!

4-17-11: I have been gone for about six months now, which is waaaay longer than I intended and I've been just awful about replying to convos, I'm so so so sorry. Life and health issues have really gotten in the way here and I've had very little internet access and have not been confident I'd be able to run my business properly and efficiently under the current stresses I've been experiencing but I absolutely 100% intend to return and will be finally getting back to anyone who has sent a convo and has not received a reply. Even if it's too late to do business with you, I still intend to send you a message apologizing for the delay and thanking you for your interest because I appreciate all of my customers very much and I'm so sorry for any inconveniences caused. I hope to see some familiar names when I get back and look forward to working with all of you again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and kind words. All are deeply appreciated and I swear, I'm working on it and as soon as I get things sorted out and leveled out, I will absolutely be back. If you would like to discuss an order during the interim, please convo me with the details. I have better internet access now at least so I will get back to you and let you know if it's possible to work something out - just convo with the details: what you need (description, quantities, that sort of thing) and any time constraints you have as well as where you live (just need to know what country) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I give up on giving dates when I'll get back because that always goes poorly but I am hoping within two months or so, I hope I hope I hope. I am able to fill orders now though so please contact me if you're interested in ordering while I'm closed and we can discuss it. :)

Thank you!!!

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WistfulSupplies' Shop Announcement

★11/19, 10:30PM PCT: IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFO: Please note that orders placed after Sat (11/20) a.m. will not ship until 10/29 due to my shipping schedule Please convo with any questions. Thank you!★ PLEASE READ BELOW FOR IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFO THAT AFFECTS ALL ORDERS & CONVO WITH ANY QUESTIONS. THANK YOU! Welcome to The Wistful Republic, home to jewelry supplies & professional, laser-printed, hand-pressed 1" & 2.25" promo items, finger ring blanks, hair pins & post earrings blanks, unique 1" flatback (and pinback) buttons made from new and vintage paper, clear acrylic cabs, brass and silver-plated settings, baker's twine and more!

★NEWS 10/08: Please read below for important shipping info that applies to all orders. Thank you!
★PLEASE verify that your Etsy & PayPal addresses match to avoid shipping delays.★

★NEVADA state residents will be charged 8.10% sales tax, calculated & added to your total via PAYPAL (Etsy does not currently have a method for tax calculation but it's supposed to be coming soon). ★

I am only able to ship every other week right now, which has created a slightly complicated shipping schedule. I have outlined this schedule in detail on my blog, with a breakdown of every week from now until Jan 2011, for your convenience. I'm also including my schedule for the next few weeks below:

* Oct 17 – 23: SHIPPING WEEK! Last shipping day: Oct 23. Orders placed after last shipment will ship on Nov 1. I will put a note up at the top of this announcement each week before I leave for the post office stating that the last orders have shipped and any orders placed after that point will not ship until the following Mon so please check for this information if you are ordering on a Sat.

Oct 24 – 30: NOT a shipping week. Orders placed during this time will ship Mon, Nov 1. Orders placed on Sun may not ship until Tue, Nov 2.

* Oct 31 – Nov 6: SHIPPING WEEK! Last shipping day: Nov 6. Orders placed after last shipment will ship on Nov 15.

Nov 7 – 13: NOT a shipping week. Orders placed during this time will ship Mon, Nov 15. Orders placed on Sun may not ship until Tue, Nov 16.

* Nov 14 – 20: SHIPPING WEEK! Last shipping day: Nov 20. Orders placed after last shipment will ship on Nov 29.

You can find a full explanation and calendar here:
(you'll need to copy & paste this link)

If you have any questions or confusions, please convo me BEFORE placing an order - this way we can avoid dissatisfaction on your part with regard to ship time.

I have added this link to my POLICIES page, and have also added it to each listing. Please take this into consideration when ordering as there is absolutely no way for me to ship during off weeks. Orders placed during off weeks will ship the following Mon., with orders generally going out every other day during the week when I can get to the post office. My last shipping day each week is Sat. The longest you'd be waiting for shipment is if you order Sat. after I've shipped. Counting the day of purchase but not Sundays, when the post office is closed, you would be waiting 7 days until your order shipped (9 if you do count the Sundays). During the week when I can ship, you can expect your order to go out within 1-3 days of purchase, unless you've ordered custom items or a large quantity of flat or pinback buttons, as those have a 1-3 day turnaround and custom orders have a 3-10 day turnaround (this info is in the listings for these items). If you've ordered items with turnaround time (or are thinking about it), and would like to know the approximate ship date, please convo me.

PLEASE do not place an order if the wait is going to be an issue - I am glad to work with my customers' deadlines whenever I can, but I am much less able to do this during the weeks when I have no transportation. Though there is no flexibility to ship during off weeks, I remain extremely flexible and willing to work with you in any way I can when I can, so please convo me if you have a deadline you need to meet so we can discuss it. If you are concerned about the potential for delay, just contact me and I can let you know exactly when your order would be going out if you let me know when you'd be placing it. Thanks so much for understanding!

★CONVOS: These get lost sometimes, or they do show up but very late and I haven't been able to figure out why or how to fix it yet. I try to check my convo page on Etsy every day but it gets really unmanagable so I mostly manage them from my inbox. I also don't have immediate, handheld access to my email because my cell phone is just a cell phone so it may take me a day or two to respond, though I attempt to reply within 12 hours whenever I can. If you dont hear from me, please please try me again. I never purposely ignore a customer, a potential customer, a question or a just-passing-through hello, so please try me again if you don't hear back. Thank you! :)

★EMAILS: When I receive spam (this includes being added to newsletters without being asked first!), I mark it as junk and all future emails from that address end up in my junk folder. There is also some sort of virus going around where spam emails are sent without your knowledge so you may end up on the list that way as well. I check my junk folder before emptying but it is possible I'd miss a legitimate message so please try convoing if you've emailed and haven't heard back.

★EXPEDITED SHIPPING: Please contact me *BEFORE* purchasing if you:

*need a quote for Priority or Express mail, or shipping via UPS or FedEx OR if you would like to add insurance to your order.

*You have a DEADLINE that requires immediate shipment. I'll let you know if I'm able to meet your needs & we can proceed from there. Requests for immediate shipping made AFTER purchase (including a "note to seller" left at the time of checkout) WITHOUT prior discussion will only be honored if possible but remain subject to the same wait time as any other order placed without prior discussion of expedited shipping.

★FEEDBACK: Please contact me if there is a problem with your order & allow me time to respond & offer solutions. When you communicate solely via neutral or negative feedback, the lines of communication are closed & neither of us gets what we want. I want you to be happy with your purchase and to maintain a good reputation as a seller. Looking at all available pictures as well as reading item descriptions and shop policies thoroughly before purchase go a long way toward avoiding disappointment. Please convo me before commiting to a purchase if you are confused or unsure about something and I'd be glad to answer any questions.

★TURNAROUND TIME: Production for custom BUTTONS, MAGNETS, MIRRORS, & BOTTLE OPENERS takes 3-10 days. Production can only begin after I have received payment and complete, properly formatted artwork - any time that passes between date of purchase and receipt of payment and artwork are not included in production time. Please convo for info on larger quantities, rush orders & DIY DEALS (you print, cut & ship your designs to me, I press them & ship them back to you). Rush service (1-3 day turnaround) & rush shipping incur separate fees based on order size, weight & your location.


Failing to do so does not nullify their contents so PLEASE read over this information! Thank you!