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I live in SouthEastern Washington just outside a little town called Dixie in the summer and Tucson,Arizona in the winter

I've always been attracted to some kind of art.
From sewing my Barbie Doll clothes to sewing my own clothes in high school.
Growing up in the 60's I did macrame and tye dye.
My Mother was a certified ceramic artist so when I would take the kids to visit she would always have a project ready for us to do.
Then I went to watercolor, mixed media arts, ceramics, pottery and then found my love.
Jewelry.....But that story is told at my Readesign Etsy shop.

I'm a Mother of 4 children and when they were all grown
and gone from the nest. I found that I had 65 hours more a week to myself.
What should I do?

I first went to college and got 3 computer degrees in software, programing and computer tech. While still running my Hair Salon. In college I needed to take art classes for credits. So I took pottery classes. I love the feel of the clay and handbuilding was my favorite.

My first art class was a watercolor class. I loved it so much I started going to art retreats, where I found like minded ADD artists just like me! :)
My customers loved to come into my beauty shop and see what I was creating. Somedays I would have glitter everywhere, then paint, and yes clay. Sometimes you could see little glitter sparkles in there hair when they left, you know how glitter travels.

In 1998 I bought an old house located near our home and started turning it into my Arthouse. The plan was to have it ready for me when I retired so I could have all my tools available and display my artwork.
My Arthouse has evolved into a wonderful little store where I can teach and create.
Here I sell my art, jewelry and beads.... Which is another story told at my TravelingGypsies shop.

Now in retirement my husband Rick and I with our two boys Joey (poodle) and Kody (chocolate lab) travel to Arizona in the winter. There I have access to a lapidary room and a ceramic room where I spend lots of time creating.

I would love for you to take a peek at my other shops and hear the rest of the story.
Kathy Read
owner, designer, maker, and Janitor

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