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Wizard on the Wing! Starting this Thursday - 3.26.15, I'll be out of state visiting family and thus away from my work space. All orders placed on or before 3.21.15 will be sent before I leave. Any orders processed by Etsy on or after 3.22.15 will be done as soon as possible when I return on 4.02.15. Thanks for your understanding!


Need those Chill Pills yesterday? In the Chicago area? Wizard at Work is now being sold through The Blue Buddha Boutique in Edgewater! They're carrying a select line of my Sci Fi and Comic soaps and lotion bars as well as my chill pill soaps and bath bombs. They're essentially under the Grandville Red Line stop, so they're super easy to find!


7.26.14 - Want 15% off your order? According to my data, I'm getting a huge spike in customers who type in my store address or product URL, which means they're finding me somewhere other than the internet. If you got to my shop or one of my products some OTHER way than searching in Etsy or clicking on a link within Etsy, drop me a note (either use the convo feature here on Etsy, or email wizardatwork12 [!at] and I'll send you back a coupon code for 15% off your purchase! I'd love to know how you're finding me! Thanks!


7.09.14 - In my ongoing effort to make my products better and better I've been reading up on bath bomb recipes. While I still endeavor to keep my ingredient list short and simple, my research and test batches have shown that adding a few drops of Sweet Almond Oil to my bath bombs really helps them to hold their shapes better - especially those made with intricate details. Sweet Almond Oil is also fabulous for your skin.

This ingredient can be left out if you'd like to keep things very, very simple. Just leave me a note in your order and I'd be happy to make yours with the basic ingredients. All molds are sterilized in a dishwasher between uses.

3.16.14 Fragrance Line additions! I'm trying some fun new fragrances. Most of them haven't been added to most of the listings yet (that's SO time consuming!), but feel free to select "custom" and then leave one of these fun new scents in your notes with your order. Why not try: Candy Crush, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Hazelnut Latte or Popcorn! Also, Mangosteen is back in stock! If you've never tried it, it's a wonderful, sweet fruit scent. Great for spring! (If it ever actually gets here...)


2.01.14 - Shipping update! Etsy has finally made it easy for me to update shipping costs and make them more country-specific! This means I'm estimating less and probably means that international customers will pay less for shipping! I'm in the process of adding country-specific shipping rates for the UK, Australia, France and Canada. They're also giving me an option of one rate for the whole of the European Union, so I'm monkeying with that to see how/if it works for everyone. Hopefully this will make shopping easier for my international customers.


1.07.14 - I'm letting my inner geek fly! Keep an eye on my shop for soaps and lotion bars for the fans of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, classic video games (I mean CLASSIC... back in the 80's Atari Classic!) and more!


5.19.13 - And another one bites the dust. :) Like Mangosteen, I got Violet fragrance oil as a sample from one of my suppliers. It took me over a year to go through the one ounce they sent me, so I'm not going to order any more at this point. If you really like it, I can get ahold of it, but I'll need a little lead time for it to be delivered.

In it's place I'm going to start listing oatmeal, milk and honey (my latest sample) as I go through and update listings. Feel free to request it in the notes to your order if I haven't gotten to your product yet with the update. :)


3.20.13 - I'm in print! My shop was mentioned in the April 2013 issue of Parenting magazine. I'm on page 81, in the bit called "The New Eco Hero". I have to say, if you know anything about toys for small children, you know it's pretty amazing to share a sentence with Melissa and Doug toys!


The current list of scents I can use in any of your custom bath items or candles is:


Almond biscotti
Apricot freesia

Baby Powder
Banana Nut Bread
Black cherry
Blue skies
Bubble gum
Buttered Popcorn

Candy Corn
Chipolte caramel
Choc chip cookies
Clementine cupcake
Cool Water (type)
Cotton Candy
Cucumber melon

Dill Pickle,
Duck farts


Fudge brownie

Grass Stain
Green apple
Green Tea
Gummi Bear

Honey almond
Honeydew melon
Hot chocolate


Lemon cake

Maple pancakes
Monkey love
Mountain Dew

Oatmeal, milk and honey

Papaya coconut
Pumpkin Spice

Red apple
Root Beer

Saffron and honey
Spiced apple cider
Sugar cookies
Sugar plums
Sweet Pea (type)

Toasted Marshmallow


White Ginger & Amber
White Zinfendel

I figure the pizza, pickle and bacon would be great for any boys or men who don't want to 'smell like a girl' when they use a great, hand-crafted bath product.

A few other fragrances that are a little more traditional, but also great for the males in your life:
Blue Sky


So it's come to this... I am now receiving upwards of 4 messages a week from people who want me to send them a product for free so that they can 'review' it on their website/youtube channel/facebook page, etc...

I am not interested in these promotions. If you send me a request for free items for a site like this, I will be forwarding it to Etsy's abuse team as spam.

I'm sure some of the requests are legitimate and maybe these reviews work for other people, but the sheer numbers of them that I have been receiving recently just makes it look like a lot of people are trying to get something for nothing. And I don't want to get into the business of deciding who's a legitimate 'product reviewer' and who's trying to scam Etsy artists. So I'm going to make an executive decision to just not be involved in any of them. Thank you.


So many of you have been incredibly gracious in wishing my sick little girl ferret, Gaia, well when you order. Unfortunately at the beginning of February Gaia finally succumbed to the effects of her two cancers. I miss her like crazy. On top of that, in early January one of my boys, Kári, was diagnosed with one of the two cancers Gaia had. Adrenal cancer. So he's on treatment for that now. So if you were ordering stuff from me to support my rescue ferrets, well, we can still use your help. Kári's treatments cost around $100 a month and in the next year or so he'll need an $800 surgery. So we'd appreciate your continued support.

ETA: February 2013: Almost exactly a year to the day that I lost Gaia to a complication of her insulinoma cancer, my little boy Logi was diagnosed with the same disease. He's doing well on a special diet and medication, but we're now facing that same battle again.

On the 'silver lining' side... I'm not going to run out of the baby food jars I use for the candles and scrubs any time soon now that I'm back to making him 'duck soup'.


12.03.14 - Please order ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 7th for Christmas delivery. I want to thank all of my amazing customers for making this my most mind-blowing winter season ever here on Etsy! Because you are all so awesome, I'm finding myself with more orders than ever before. Because I really don't want to disappoint anyone by not getting their order to them on time, I am changing my ordering deadline to DECEMBER 7. If you want your order in time for Christmas, I must have it on or before December 7th.

I always endeavor to get orders out as fast as I possibly can, but orders placed on or after December 8 may or may not reach you before that magical morning. So please place your order soon so that I can create that awesome custom product you want and get it in the mail sooner rather than later!

Additionally, I need to reiterate that if you do not contact me to see what my current turn around time, I cannot promise to honor rush requests. I always try, but simply tacking, "I need this by this Thursday" onto your order may or may not work out depending on the complexity of your order, the distance between us and how many other rush orders I have. So, PLEASE contact me first if you need your order before the date Etsy lists as the "to be shipped by" date on your order. Thank you.

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