WolfAndMoon's Shop Announcement

Wolf And Moon Kreations & Vintage Goods ~
for Handmade and Vintage items.

The "business" story ~
As of August 2010, I've been in the antique and vintage world of business for 14 plus years, and selling online for over 12 years. Shopping vintage for much longer than that, of course!! The business end came out of a passion for vintage clothing and my creative side always itching to come out while my mom shared the creativity and her own passion for antiques. We opened a local shop and kept it going for a couple years. Then, along came the auction world online. Eventually we transitioned from running both the shop and the internet based business to just the world wide web! There are lots of ups and downs and in betweens to the story, but mom and I started our own internet based fabric business several years ago. This brought us here to Etsy and we love it! I still have the creative side that screams out, and when I have time ~ I create! I'll be selling those Kreations here along with some vintage items from time to time. I still like shopping for vintage clothes, so that needs an outlet too.

The "name" story ~
Well, the Wolf and the Moon are just things that I love and have a very personal meaning to me. I added Kreations with a K, because one of my nicknames is Kre...that's's that simple!

Happy browsing and shopping!!

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