WonderousVintage's Shop Announcement

Discount - use coupon code WV10OFF for 10% discount on any order 20USD or higher!
Victorian, Edwardian, & vintage inspired jewelry, and pendant Necklaces featuring beautiful images from eras past... FREE shipping with orders of 50USD or more. We also do custom designs with your personal photos. Please contact us for more information.

All of our specially curated items are chosen for their beauty, uniqueness, and overall charm - when composing a new piece, we take into account the color of the setting, the size of the cabochon and the quality of the image to create a truly vintage era or "antique" look that stands out from the rest. From Edwardian-era paintings and botanical illustrations, to vintage photos from the 1800's to the 1930's, our range of Victorian and vintage-inspired jewelry is sure to turn heads and catch eyes whether you're wearing one of our dangle earrings featuring antique botanical illustrations, or our charming pendants with Edwardian-style classical paintings featuring beautiful young women in classical poses - each one has it's own unique story to tell.

The vintage-era jewelry we create calls back to a time where cherished images of loved ones were carefully set under a glass cabochon, crafted to catch and enhance any image stored underneath - the variety of colors used for our metal finishes are carefully matched with the subject matter to ensure a harmonious pairing that goes well with whatever you might be wearing with it - be it casual, formal, or somewhere in between.

What makes our Victorian and Edwardian-inspired vintage jewelry unique is we don't mass-produce these pieces - each one is unique and once one is sold, the pendant, dangle earrings, or other charm necklace becomes individual as the person wearing it. We take great pride in our antique and vintage-style jewelry, and we want you, the wearer, to be as proud wearing it.

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