WondrousStrange's Shop Announcement

Thanks to each of you for supporting my work. It makes each day a joy to wake to. Life is good!!!

My work is hand formed, primitive and rustic. Each piece is unique to itself in design and coloring. If you are wanting perfection, my work will not suit you. I enjoy doing custom work:) I can not guarantee exact duplicates but make every effort to get close yet maintain each pieces' uniqueness!

Raku is an ancient Japanese glazing style that has been tweaked by modern potters to give wonderful colors and textures. Once a piece is glazed, it is fired to1850 +/- degrees, pulled from the kiln at that temperature and quickly placed in a reduction chamber filled with combustible materials. Immediately the blazing material is starved of oxygen by placing a top on the chamber and left to rest for a determined amount of time. When the top is removed...the treasures are revealed:) Every firing is different in the revealed colors, each piece uniquely different.

I enjoy researching and finding great digital images that are in public domain and more than 100 years old. I use digital methods to clean them up, sometimes creating new artistic works, or making PNG images for you to use in your own artistic creations. Images are 150 to 300 DPI and are easily manipulated to fit your projects. 150 dpi is perfect for image printing on fabric for pillows, quilting projects, sewing projects.

MY goal is to have what you buy delight and inspire! My individual pieces are meant to be a stepping off point to create your own unique work of art. Enjoy your visit to my shop!!! I hope you will stop by often to see what the Raku gods have offered:)


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.