WoodRestart's Shop Announcement

Eco-Friendly workshop WOOD RESTART specializes in making of marvelous modern furniture and home accessory,which focus is the stability and firmness.The timber used by WOOD RESTART is naturally fallen in the forest – some due to severe storm,some due to forest fires.
The collection is characterized by its naturally imperfection,the natural forms of the wood are kept.Our projects are adapted to them,its spirit is saved and at the same time that makes every single product unique and modern.Our products are different from the ordinary furniture solutions,where everything is reduced to the standard /accurate/ forms and cutouts.
By making our unique we try to accent the respectful treatment and we apply minimum machining.During the creative process,including fitting,sizing,polishing,our main task is to take advantage of the natural form and to accent the natural beauty of every exemplar.

You can see where and how the production goes on Facebook: