WoodlarkDesigns' Shop Announcement


***** WE OFFER AFFORDABLE EXPEDITED OPTIONS!! (please note that programs and invitations have different expedite fees). *****

***** We will design and print up to 200 funeral (or memorial) programs free of charge for the funeral/memorial service for babies, children, teens, and young adults through age 25. Because of time constraints we offer this service only within the United States. Families only need to pay for shipping. Priority Mail - $10.00 or Express Mail - $24.00 *****

***** IMPORTANT - Sometimes it may be several days before I can respond to messages, but I will always respond as soon as possible. If I do not respond right away, it is most likely because...

1. I am working on proofs, printing, or cutting orders that need to go out.

2. I am working my way through tons of messages and sending out proofs as I go. I generally sit down and review all my messages three times each week. If you happen to message me while I am working on my Etsy mail, you will receive an immediate response.

3. Your proof/order is not due yet. For standard 4-8 week orders, please know you are in line behind other customers. Orders are completed in the order in which they are received.

4. I generally do not respond to messages during weekends or on holidays.

Each order proceeds through the following steps:
1. Designing
2. Proofing
3. Printing
4. Cutting/Finishing/Assembling
5. Packing & Shipping

If you ask SPECIFIC questions in your message to me, I can respond more quickly with an answer!


Once you make your purchase, the wording for your invitations/programs must be messaged to me through Etsy.

1. Use upper and lowercase letters. DO NOT submit any text or words in all caps.

2. DO NOT send attachments. If you have the text already in WORD, please cut and paste it into an Etsy message. I can NOT open attachments.

3. Include with your text instructions specifying any changes to the colors or other details you would like to add or change.


Full names of bride and groom
Ceremony: time, location and address
Reception: time, location and address
Parents' names if including them (and wording preference)
RSVP date
Other information sometimes included: directions, accommodations, wedding website, entree choices, map, etc.


Names, date, ceremony location (including city/state)
Order of service
Wedding party
Thank you message to guests
In memory section

All messages need to be via Etsy so that we have a continuing record of our correspondence. If you can see the messages, I can see them. Always respond to me by using the text box immediately below the previous message.

PLEASE do NOT put your text in the "notes to seller" box in checkout. I will not see it there. Always send messages as a response to our continuing conversation.

For your convenience, there are three options for expedition that will guarantee quicker delivery of most orders. Some orders cannot be expedited due to availability of specialty papers. PLEASE NOTE: there are higher expedite fees for invitations because we generally incur expedite fees from our suppliers.

Note: I do not make money on the expedite fees. The fee pays for my assistant(s) to come in on unscheduled work days.


$30.00 - FAST: 4 weeks or less: - Your order will SHIP in four weeks or less. INVITATIONS ONLY

$40.00 - FASTER: within 14 business days: - Your order will SHIP in Fourteen business days or less. INVITATIONS ONLY

$50.00 - FASTEST: within 5 business days: - Your order will SHIP in Five business days or less. INVITATIONS ONLY

PROGRAMS ONLY Expedite Fees:

$10.00 - FAST: 4 weeks or less: - Your order will SHIP in four weeks or less. PROGRAMS ONLY

$20.00 - FASTER: within 14 business days: - Your order will SHIP in Fourteen business days or less. PROGRAMS ONLY

$30.00 - FASTEST: within 5 business days: - Your order will SHIP in Five business days or less. PROGRAMS ONLY

Please keep in mind that the above options are for expedited service - NOT express shipping. Unless arranged otherwise, all orders are shipped via insured USPS Priority Mail which takes 2-4 days transit time. There is an additional charge for overnight shipping.

Please plan for your expedited order to take the full amount of time specified (4 weeks, 14 business days, 5 business days) to ship out during peak wedding season.

Please note that sometimes packages will be sent in more than one package to protect the items or to ensure faster delivery.


Woodlark Designs observes the following as NON-BUSINESS days
(in addition to weekends):
New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
July 4 - Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Day
Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day


Paper Choices for Fans (and description):

I have the following choices:

90lb standard white matte - the most popular due to the price - $1.00 each. They are functional as fans but are not luxuriously stiff like the upgrades. People tend to hold them like they would any other type of "program" to fan themselves. Slightly cupping then. I very very rarely get any complaints on this stock, probably because the price is fantastic.

100lb shimmery cardstock - stiffer than the 90lb. These are stiffer than the above, and I have NEVER gotten any complaints on the stock - it is stiff, upscale, and very pretty. Fans are $1.50 each printed on this stock.

100lb matte cardstock - stiffer than the 90lb. Moderately stiff (not quite as stiff as the shimmery but very close). Fans are $1.50 each printed on this stock.

120lb cardstock - very stiff. This is the heaviest we carry. If you really want stiff fans you can upgrade to this but most people do not find it important enough to pay that much more. They are $1.75 each. This is basically a thin cardboard. Very heavy. Available in shimmery and matte.