WoolEwePlay's Shop Announcement
You can see what I am doing here and most times I record the colors that I achieve.

Plant Dyeing has been my passion for 10 years now. Color that I pull from the dyepot is a lovely gift from nature and I'm glad there is a place like Etsy to display them. I know many are weary about the light fastness of plant dyeing colors - don't be! I use a mordant of Alum & Cream of Tartar to 'fix' the colors - just like an other dyer would fix color. I also spin with the wool that I dye and the colors are light tight, natural and beautiful even years later.

I really love color that is provided by using plant dyes. I often host a plant-dyeing day at my house so that I can spread my passion for color. It's wonderful collecting all the goodies I can find around the neighborhood to heat up in my pots. I then find all sorts of things to dye, silk, wool, yarn & sometimes my outfits even thought I ware an apron.

I love to needle felt as well - I started that first - around 11 years ago. I have learned by doing & with a little help from books. My love affair with art started in High school - with photography, pottery, drawing, continuing thru college and straight through my adult life with fiber art.