Original Designs Knit & Sewn

Knitting needles and sewing tools with one of my daughter's paintings.
My late Uncle Jack was a sculptor, and this is one of his pieces, "The Fatted Ram." He belongs with yarn.
Ready to knit with one of my quilts.
Assorted knitting books and magazines with tins of buttons.
Scissors at the ready...and out of reach of my little girls' hands.

Woolflower Boutique: Original Designs Knit & Sewn

I chose the name of my shop, "Woolflower Boutique," for three reasons:

1) "Woolflower" is a bit of a play on "wallflower," which I admit I occasionally am.

2) Most of my creations are woolen for winter. When you miss spring sunshine and flowers, I hope you can put on one of my happy scarves and feel better, like a blossom yourself.

3) My grandmother used to grow woolflowers (we call them "cockscomb" in Kansas). They were always bright red in a simple white vase on her kitchen table.

I hope you enjoy the shop: Bright accessories for gray winter days, just-right gifts for loved ones, and things for your home or office that make it really yours, like red woolflowers on my grandma's kitchen table.

Thank you for visiting. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can also learn more about me, my projects, and special sales at
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I grew up on a farm in North Central Kansas. I attended the University of Kansas and the University of Michigan, earning a master’s degree in political science. Since then, I've been a speech writer, a crime analyst, and an at-home mom.