WrapsodyandInk's Shop Announcement

Welcome to “Wrapsody & Ink” (TM) (Copyright 2011) – A unique gift wrapping and hand calligraphy service.

Hi, my name is Mary Ann Baskoff.

“Presentation is everything!” especially when it comes to gift giving. Being passionate about gift wrapping and having wrapped thousands of gifts for myself as well as friends, I’ve always heard the recipient remark that the package was too beautiful to open. Keeping that thought in mind, I designed re-useable, elegantly pre-wrapped gift boxes. The decorated portion of the box remains intact when the box is “unzipped” open. I assure you that my gift boxes will make any gift giving moment an extraordinary one.

How the pre-wrapped box is opened:
The recipient need only to “unzip” the Velcro ribbon that is located on the bottom of the box or on its side.

The smaller size boxes (i.e. 3” square x 1.5” h) were designed to hold gift cards, jewelry, a discreetly disguised monetary gift, a thank you note. The next size box (5” x 7” x 1.25”) is used as above, but also can be used for any item that will fit its dimensions. Decorators use my creations as accent pieces to home decor.

Included in my shop are the wedding card boxes that I've grown to love. About a year ago I was asked by an event planner if I could replicate a pastry chef's rendering of a wedding cake into a card box for her client. I had no idea how to begin but I knew what I wanted it to look like. (see link - https://www.etsy.com/listing/79201234/wedding-card-box-two-tiers-wedding-card). The latter is the top two tiers of a five tier wedding card box I created for the couple. After posting it on Etsy, the rest is history.

In addition to the above-mentioned size boxes, you can also purchase larger size gift boxes on the website. Please ask about custom box sizes and colors or large quantity orders

Included with each gift box is a gift card for the recipient with directions instructing how the box is opened.

My other passion is the art of calligraphy. I have been a master copperplate calligrapher for over twenty years. Many of my clients are high-end party planners from New York and Florida; but I also have addressed envelopes for all occasions from couples all over the country.

Oh! If you want a truly polished finish to your gift box, inquire about including a hand calligraphy gift card for a minimal charge of $1.50.


Please do not hesitate to call me at 561.573.8885 (cell)

Warmest Regards,
Mary Ann Baskoff

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.