WraptCats' Shop Announcement

Cruelty Free Eco Friendly Wool Cat Beds & Toys
My mission: To make your cat purr with joy.
There is no sound that comforts me more than that of a happy cat.

I know you love them. You wouldn't be here if you didn't. I understand the joys (and frustrations) they bring into your life. They are wonderful little souls that never cease to amaze. It seems not enough to call them pets when they are really family. If they were in my presence, I would certainly be attempting to make them my best friend. For me, this is the next best thing. I am fortunate to meet the best guardians around the world, and am able to touch their beloved furry family member through these items I make. And here is the kicker. On the other end, I get to meet some of the most wonderful shepherds in The United States that run small family and educational farms. Yay, right! More great animals. My hope is that everyone benefits. From the sheep and the shepherd to the guardian and recipient. The only one in between is me, and the mailman. It is a pretty straight line. The process is ecologically friendly. Water, soap, friction. It is simple, and simple is good. I want you to be proud to display WraptCats' beds and toys in your home and want your furry ones to love you for knowing what they want. =o)

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