WruffledWren's Shop Announcement

In order to avoid confusion WRUFFLED WREN whose devotion is to handmade as well as vintage holiday, jewelry, decor and unique finds is opening a sister site devoted exclusively to 1:6 / Playscale.

Our new store is LE PETIT WREN
It will be chock full of original one of a kind scale pieces, many extremely limited production items with a few upcycled items as well as reworked vintage pieces for your fashion doll dioramas. Scale shopping bags and storage solutions also

Our line of original ooak lingerie and accessories will be available as well as vintage genuine Barbie lingerie and sleepwear.
Each sale come with a signature pastel Le Petit Wren scale shopping bag

LE PETIT WREN dolls sleep in KING size beds. Perfect for couples. Our scale lines are marvelous.The bottom sheets are fitted and all sheets and pillowcases are made from traditional sateens and percales. I scour fabrics for appropriate print scale and drapability. Bed pillows are made to simulate real pillows and will dent when the dolls head lays on then.

I've been greatly disappointed over the years in "scale" items especially when they are never pictured with the dolls they are supposed to work with. Frustration of ordering items only to find they are dimensionally wrong and the doll looks uncomfortavble.

I will always show each item used with appropritae furniture and /or an assortment of dolls...their heights and manufacturer will also be listed.
I use a conversion calculator and compare them to industry standard measurements of furnishings found on the web.

My model dolls will include Mattel's Barbie (Classic, Silkstone, Model Muse, and the shorter articulated ), Integrity's Natalia Fatale, Victoire Roux and Maggie Prescott and Tonner's Little Kitty Collier.
Many of my Barbie models are ooak hybrids: classic heads on articulated bodies. I love the traditional Barbie face sculpts but require the movement of the articulated body for photography purposes.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.