XXXavia's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop!~

* International Shipping
( On January 27th there was a postage rate increase for international package post, the rate hike was pretty substantial for bloomers which no longer qualify as flats but as packages....The one bonus to this increase is that Canadian packages will now have tracking, and they will be adding other countries to that list at some point.)

I have uploaded and added more variety to the ready to ship bloomers.

One of a Kind dresses and more theme and color variety are coming soon.

I am working really hard at getting pictures up edited and re-sized whist sewing and starting my own website. So stay tuned because it will be coming all at once like a tornado. :)

CURRENT NEWS 3/2/2014*~
New stripes and lace options for bloomers coming soon.
Black and white 1 inch stripes are back in stock.

~More news coming soon!~


If you would like to get a heads up on new items, before they are posted on here please visit our Facebook for product updates.

Please visit my profile for more info about my creations and a list of links where you can find me. <3

Requests for custom items, and wholesale are always welcomed, bids are always free so don't hesitate to ask.

I will work with you on materials and price to the best of my ability to assure you are happy with the finished product. I take pride in my ability to turn anything into something beautiful so I am always willing to accept alterations or deconstructions of items you already have. Please send me a message or e-mail with your request or any questions you may have, and I will get back to you in a timely fashion.

I post all of my items on Facebook before they are available for the public to buy, if you are looking for something and you don't find it here please visit my page for more items past, present and future... o.O

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I hope you enjoy!~

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.