XmasWithKrampus' Shop Announcement

Welcome To The Etsy shop of Xmas With Krampus!
One of a kind art disguised as toys.

We are Baron Exu and Baroness Joni of the infamous band 'Les Barons' who also wrote and recorded the songs 'Xmas With Krampus' and 'No Coal In My Stocking'. You can pick up our cds here in the music section of this shop.
We are also the driving force behind 'Xmas With Krampus' The Book, The Song, as well as our own line of one of a kind krampus art items based on the legend of Krampus, Saint Nick's original helper.
Who do you think takes care of the naughty list?
Krampus delivers the coal and deals out punishment to the wicked, and that includes adults.

All our items are handmade by the two of us from scratch unless otherwise noted as an alteration. Hand stitched, hand stuffed, and assembled, completely one of a kind when a character is gone it's gone. We work out of one of the smallest toy workshops ever, putting in long nights creating a new series every 6 months to a year.

We have shown recently at The MF Gallery in New York as part of their group toy show, as well as at The Jem Gallery in Vancouver as part of their Naughty Not Nice 2 group show.
Also check out our website at

Made in Canada!
Regards Baron Exu and Baroness Joni :)