Yalos' Shop Announcement

j e w e l r y & m o r e from natural driftwood found on the beaches of Alanya/Turkey combined with other beachfinds and maritime materials...

When we pick up "the beached", as we call them, the artistic work has already been done.
Our job is only to put together and to bring out the beauty perfectly created by nature.

We do not change the objects in any way - like carving or cutting - what you see is what we found on the beaches of Alanya.

There is no actual word for "driftwood" in Turkish. The Alanya people have adopted the greek word " ΥΑΛΟΣ -yalos" (coastline ) to mean driftwood.

YALOS this is a registered trademark by Filiz Ateş and Christiane Alaettinoğlu,
the one from Istanbul and the other one from Germany, both stranded in Alanya where they now help to give life to other castaways...

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