YarningToBe's Shop Announcement

Thank you so much for stopping by Yarning To Be. Here you will find Newborn thru 6 month sized Photo Props and cute accessories. I strive to provide adorable items using high quality yarns and embellishments. Are you looking for a special prop or hat? If so please message me about special orders, I love a challenge.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: Are your items ready to be shipped?
A: No, unfortunately most of my items in my shop are made to order. Due the variety of sizes offered on most listings I just wouldn't be able to have a stock pile of each size for each item ready to be shipped. The only exception is my Ready To Ship category, there you can see what I have ready to ship.

Q: What is your turn around time?
A: This is a tough question to answer because the answer changes daily. I do get a lot of large orders (6 or more items in an order) and this definitely affects my shipping times. My personal goal is to get an order out within a week and a half to two weeks max. I want all my customers to receive their item(s) in a timely manner. If my shop is slow then items are shipped out within 3 days. If you are needing something immediately please contact me. I do offer all customers a rush service, there is a $5 fee attached to that service and your item will be shipped out within 48 hours, usually sooner.

Q: Can you make your items in larger sizes, ie. toddlers and adult sizes?
A: Most of my items only go to 6 months and the reason for this is because most of my items have embellishments (faces, buttons, words, logos, decorations, etc.) and have found that the larger the hat the embellishments become distorted. I would have to have make new templates for each embellishment to compensate for the larger hat, example would be my Red Nosed Reindeer hat, it would look pretty funny on an adult hat because the big button I use for the nose would look very small on a large hat. Working with smaller hats gives me more freedom to be creative.

Q: Do you take special requests?
A: Yes, I love special requests. I love a good challenge and would do anything in my power to make that special item for you. If I don't currently own a pattern for your request I will try to come up with my own or would be willing to purchase a pattern to make your item. Never hesitate to message me about special requests.

Q: Do you wholesale?
A: No, unfortunately I do not. I have tried that in the past but to be totally honest my prices are as low as they can go. I do not purchase my yarn wholesale and sometimes have to pay full retail price for my yarn. I special order a lot of my yarn as well and that is not cheap. I only use the highest quality yarn, nothing from a dollar store or cheap itchy scratchy yarn.

Q: Do you sell your patterns?
A: I get this question all the time and although I am not selling my patterns right now that maybe something I will look into in the future.

Q: Do you offer discounts on multiple purchases?
A: I am sorry to say that I do not offer discounts on multiple orders. I would LOVE to but my prices are as low as they can go. I do not get my yarn wholesale and most of the time pay full retail price for it. My yarn is not cheap, I special order a lot of my yarn, especially the thick n thin yarn and I pay a pretty penny for it. That is why my items are so cute and unique. I NEVER purchase cheap yarn. When making an item I always think to myself "Would I put this on my own child?" and I would never sell you something that I wouldn't put on one of my children.

Q: Which shipping service do you use?
A: Since most of my items are small and weigh very little I ship using First Class domestic or First Class international with the USPS. I try to keep my shipping prices low and never make money off shipping. Sometimes you will see my shipping prices are a little higher for some items (example Cat in The Hat) and that is because the box I use it tall and big enough for the item to stand up in so it doesn't get smashed or squished.

Q: Who is your amazing Photographer?
A: I love this question :) My amazing photographer is Jennifer Jayne Photography and if you live in the area of Rock Island, Illinois I definitely recommend looking her up. Her website is http://www.jenniferjayne.com/

I do not want this quick Q & A to take place of personal attention and please never hesitate to email me with any question. I try very hard to return all emails in a timely manner.

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Have a fantastic day.

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