YesterdaysButtons' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Yesterdays Buttons featuring handcrafted designs by Jan. Her Aunt Mildred had an interest in buttons from the early age of 9 years. When she grew up, she married Uncle Lester, and they set off on journeys all over the United States as traveling evangelists. As they visited different towns, she continued to collect buttons from friends they made along the way.

Here are her buttons made into bracelets, necklaces, and used in bookmarks and in handkerchief angels. The shop now has 4 sections:

1. Button bracelets made with beautiful antiques butons from Aunt Mildred's collection. Look closely and you will see that each bracelet has a theme button.

2. Bookmarks - each having an antique button selected to inspire your reading and your daydreaming when the reading gets slow (but really to help you save the place your were at when you dozed off).

3. Pendant Necklaces - These necklaces have pendants with very special buttons or with pictures of quilt patterns.

4. Handkerchief Angels - These are made using vintage handkerchiefs and quilts. Also included on some are vintage buttons.