YesterdaysDesigns' Shop Announcement

Our newest creations...Plastic Bag Tube Caddies / Dispensers to handle your bags till you reuse them. We love to use our small pieces of fabrics that are so cute but not enough for a seat cover or even a pillow. This new project lets us use up lots and lots of scraps. We can also keep the prices on these very affordable. Thanks for shopping with us and be sure to take a look at our Plastic Bag Tube Caddies.

HI, We are ~Deb & Tee~ two longtime friends who sew together 2 or 3 days a week.
We met several years ago, when we were both ebaying. We discovered that we both love fabric, sewing, creating, designing and best of all, spending time together !

And we moved over to ETSY because its where all the creative folks gather !

Our sewing days go something like this....Deb comes over to Tee's house, the sewing shop is in Tee's back yard. We have a coffee and catch up. Check the etsy site to see if we need to pack, ship or print some postage. And we check for new custom orders !
We line up all our work for the day and head to the shop with a fresh cup of java and our list of work for the day. We work steadily, chatting and talking as we cut and sew. We discuss children, grandchildren, the garden, the weekend, or whatever comes up. We will talk about everything! Time for lunch and we go into the house to get a sandwich . We check etsy again for sales (we hope) and modify the work list if need be. Then back to the shop to finish out the day. Sewing is like Meditation for the both of us. The days we sew and the BEST !

We also make Glider Rocker covers for New MOMS to coordinate with Nursery Decor -- ~ Plus beautiful swings ,gliders and wicker settee covers for your tired old cushions for a wonderful fresh spring update ... See them at our other etsy shop 2CREATIVELADYS or

Thanks for looking - if you need anything designed and handmade check us out

Deb & Tee