YouBadGirl's Shop Announcement

HAPPY SHOPPING! ♥ Welcome to the shop of new YOU-BAD-GIRL ORIGINALS I'm making FOR YOU! I rapidly ship WORLDWIDE!
EVERYTHING is HALF-PRICED, as I am the manifacturer. No go betweens. Grab directly from the artist!
Welcome to YOU BAD GIRL, your secret weapon to unbeatable cool looks. All designed + handmade lovingly by me in Italy.
Time for unique alternative shopping, the sooner you order, the sooner you get my package and you wear.
YOU-bad-GIRL: AMAZING HANDMADE FASHIONS since 2003 -- Perfect quality, cool styles and... NICE PRICES!!!
All you see is lovingly handmade from scratch by me, Cristina. You must have so give it a whirl. I wait for your orders all the time.
Because "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere", and because this is fashion with a difference.
Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, open on all holidays. I love coming across your very important orders and convos non-stop everyday.

ORDER? Don't you love original clothing that are handmade with love, with quality? That's YOU-bad-GIRL designs. Dramatically beautiful tops and blouses to beautify every woman. High quality, independent clothing, not your average neighborhood mass-marketed styles. YOU-bad-GIRL: Over a thousand yummy ooak pieces already sold on another famous site! ;) I do design, cut and stitch every garment available in my store, one by one... Most designs I'm offering are custom made to your size, a few pieces are one of a kind rarities too. Can't find your size? Ask me, I will do what I can to help you with your shopping.

My creations are original, durable, affordable and WEARABLE. Pair my blouses and tops with your jeans, leggings, skirts to look fantastic in half a second, anywhere from the office to the cafe to a huge stage or club or simply on the road! Even if my handmade designs may look nicely cracking, edgy and dark, I won't sell you anything which is too absurd to usefully wear. I hate shopping failures which hide like skeletons in the cupboard... My items are comfortable and versatile, made for real, practical wear. Women who got them, love them!
Dont let me slip away.

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