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1 month

cmon Barbie let’s go party woman-tipping-handfemale_signwoman-tipping-handfemale_signwoman-tipping-handfemale_sign️uh uh uh yeahhhh

2 months

lots and lots and loads and tons of new buttons coming!! #WorkWorkWork

3 months

back in stock: Nancy Drew vintage endpaper buttons! bookeyeglassesfemale-detectiveskin-tone-3female_signfemale-detectiveskin-tone-5female_signfemale-detective️‍female_sign️ calling all girl detectives!

4 months

come out and see me in Saskatoon next weekend! Last show of the year for this old gal!!

6 months

are you a total c word? wear that shit loud and proud! nail_careskin-tone-3kiss

8 months

lots of rockin' new button designs this week!! can you guess the underlying theme?? female_signfemale_signfemale_sign

10 months

loads of new pin sets are ready! all made from recycled comics, and are one-of-a-kind! Wonder Woman are up! Batgirl, Supergirl, Catwoman, Buffy and April O'Neill to come! starfemale-farmerskin-tone-2sparkles

1 year

new "fuck yeah feminism" pin!! Available in both 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch sizes!! vskin-tone-3

1 year

tons of new button designs listed, and more to come! custom buttons also available upon request!

2 years

new wrapped bracelets added today! woman-tipping-handskin-tone-2

2 years

More Archie!! Pinback buttons now listed, more to come, and magnets too!!

2 years

Everything's Archie!!! Notebooks now listed!