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The ancient technique of organic lavender wand making is easy to master but each wand takes a long time to finish. The heavenly scent of lavender makes the weaving a very pleasurable meditation.

The lavender has to be picked fresh for each wand. The best time of the day is early in the morning. The flowers have to be perfectly opened.

The wands length ranges from 6 to 10 inches. The colors of the ribbon were chosen to compliment the purple and green tones of lavender flowers. You are more than welcome to preorder your favorite colors at the beginning of the season. The quantities are very limited. The wands can be made only once a year. The flowers come from my lake cottage garden located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

The scent will last you years. To refresh it just gently squeeze the pod. What I like to do is just gently roll the wand between palms couple times.Natural oils will be released in the flowers as they rub against each other inside the pod.

The wand is wonderful for use in a lingerie drawer, in a vase as part of a dried flower bouquet, in a basket or a dish or hang it at your window from a curtain rod or from your fancy chandelier. The decoration options are endless.

Lavender wands can be used in gift baskets for all occasions, weddings- bride and bridesmaid, mothers of bride and groom, birthdays, hostess gifts, Christmas, thank yous, party favours, tea party, spa party and I'm sure you have many Ideas as well!

In southern France, the lavender wand is a traditional gift to a bride to bring her a good luck.

Lavender is used as a remedy for headache, migraine and nervousness.
Lavender is also an effective moth repellent.

All lavenders belong to the genus Lavandula of the family Labiatae that include the thymes, basils, sages and rosemary. Full sun and excellent drainage are essential for growing this wonderful herb.

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