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4 months

My newest luxury soap is available for pre-order now! Bubbly, creamy, moisturizing... What more could you want in a bar of soap? I'm pretty excited for this one!smile

4 months

Have you shopped the SALE section yet? Lots of amazing goodies in there marked 30%off and more!! Making room for new additions. Grab them while you still can!heart_eyes

6 months

My new holiday soap line is now available in the shop! Be sure to snag some of your favorites before they're gone!facepunch

8 months

SOAP SALE! Many of my older soaps are being discontinued to make way for new! Check out my SOAP section! Anything that begins with SALE in the title is on sale. FYI... cold process soap improves in quality as it ages, so stock up on your faves now! wink

11 months

cherriesJust Listed! CHERRY BOMB soapcherries- Made with rose clay, goats milk, skin loving oils, and pink sea salt. Great for oily and acne prone skin.

1 year

Castille soap is finally ready, after a four month cure! This soap is as simple as it gets, with only three ingredients used! Great for sensitive and allergy prone skin. Popular even for use with babies because if it's gentle nature. Only a few bars left!

1 year

I'm excited to announce my new STEAMPUNK shop section! Filled with awesome, one of a kind pieces for all of you airship pirates. Going fast! But I'll keep adding new goodies in there every day to give everyone a chance to snag something fun.

1 year

Handmade soaps are posted in the shop! These are skin loving soaps, made using all natural ingredients. So much better than the chemical filled bars you buy at the grocery store. Try a variety for cheap with my sampler pack! I know you will love them!

1 year

After countless requests, BUMBLEBEE PLUGS are now available in larger sizes! I love the way these turned out! Follow me on Instagram for more frequent shop updates and offers! @zaisy.etsy

1 year

I've been working on making delicious handmade soap for you guys! I've tested different cp recipes, and this stuff is fantastic. I made them AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER since they are still hardening. Only 10 bars of each are available, so get yours first!wink

2 years

Owl plugs have been sold out for over a year, but finally they are back in the shop! Available in a handful of different pretty colors!