ZentrumStudios' Shop Announcement

Zentrum Studios is a Green, Closed-Loop, one-man, studio.
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Here at my studio, located in the Heartland, I hand-fabricate elegant, useful, articles in turn-of-the-century Tiffany Studios style.
All Etched Metal and Glass assemblies are Hand Made, signed Zentrum Studios, and serial numbered by me. I have fabricated about 80 of these items over the past 5 years.

My filigree, as a raw material, is designed and copyrighted by me. Due to the toxic nature of acid etching I have that nasty job done, to my specifications, by a commercial etcher. I design the photo-etching tools. I use the top etcher in the world, Chem-Art in Rhode Island. They posted a Case Study on me at their website.

I draw all of my artwork line by line in Adobe Illustrator using only a regular pc mouse. FYI There are 12,112 points and 5,557 paths in my master dragonfly drawing.

I hand finish my patina bookmarks and must hire out the plating on others.
I hand-finish all of my fabrications, including the backs, bottoms and insides.
I work in brass, bronze, copper, and glass.

I sell my bookmarks gift-boxed, as well as unboxed for a considerable savings for the item as well as shipping cost.

I also have other Etsy shops.

Stained glass lamp,window jewels, and raw filigree under the Etsy name ZentrumGlass