ZingarasEnchantments' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Gypsy Abode and Sacred Sanctuary! Here you will find everything you need to live a magical life! My shops changes all the time, but overall, features treasures inspired by my travels and gathered throughout my many incarnations: Goddess-inspired, hand made and vintage jewelry, trinkets, baubles, and embellishments! ~

I intend my creations to be for the pleasure and at- one- ment (attunement) of anyone, male or female who is on the journey of becoming their authentic selves. Gypsies are nomads, seekers, magic makers, and way showers. Gypsies know how to glitter and go their own way leaving everything better than it was before they came. They don't seek adventure, they ARE adventure, living every moment with appreciation for what is before them, in the true spirit of love. Kindness is my religion, music and beauty are my guiding lights.

Shop Affirmation:
The soul of the earth is nourished by our happiness.

The time to buy jewelry is when you want it~ then you'll always have what you need for those special occasions!

Original designs made by Zingara are listed in their own sections (anything not marked Vintage)

GEMSTONES READINGS AND TALISMAN AMULETS! Just ask for a custom designed talisman for the heart chakra tailored specifically to your energies!

Thank you to my fabulous jewelry models: Kathleen Bartels, Shelley Taylor.

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