Hip and fun handmade pouches, purses, cards & more!

My basement craft room.
My basement craft room.
My basement craft room.
My serger - one of my two babies.

Hip and handmade in Toronto.

Although I've always been creative, my sewing career began as a hobby. To find some life balance with my job as a librarian, which is rather intellectual and detail-oriented, I turned to sewing more seriously. I am drawn to colour and texture, and find the tactile experience of sewing very satisfying.

All of the tasks associated with my Etsy store, and related local consignment and wholesale orders and craft shows, is handled by me from start to finish: shopping for supplies, creating, photographing, listing, packaging, shipping... all this on top of working full time and fostering rescued cats! *

I'm very fortunate to have a dedicated space to sew and work on other crafts. My basement craft room was very carefully planned out in a way that would allow me an organized, welcoming, comfortable space in which I can have fun creating.

*(Although I do have cats living in my house, they do not have access to my basement craft room, and every effort is made to ensure that the fabric is kept clean of cat hair).
owner, designer, maker, curator
A not-too-serious librarian who loves chocolate, cheese, coffee, tea, music, photography, tattoos, books, things that are purple, Blythe, sewing and making stuff, eating stuff, growing stuff, cycling, hiking, cats, and movies.

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