Zosloft's Shop Announcement

The Holidays are coming with Halloween just a week or two away keep in mind that we are busier than usual. If you need your order by a certain deadline please let us know when you order. Orders needed before Halloween should be made by the Oct 24th, Oct 27th with priority shipping. Typical time to receipt of order is 7-10 business days. If it is in stock then it goes out sooner but sometimes we get several orders for the same hat the same day when there's not that many made up in which case it may take longer. Please ask if you are not sure your order will be there in time for your deadline. Thanks from Zo at Zo'sLoft

Zosloft's Shop Policies


Welcome to Zosloft, a place to make my lofty ideas for clothing come true. My goal is provide quality durable products that you will be able to get again and again. I have three pairs of the same boots, 20 pairs of the same socks. When I find something I like I wish I could count on always being able to get another. I also like to customize my products for my clients. My bags for instance are pretty basic inside but I usually make sure they'll hold a lot of things of a certain size. My typical shoulder bags will hold an 8x10 notebook or an ereader. Tell me what you want and together let's make your lofty idea come true.


For listed items, they will be shipped within 3-5 days of receiving payment.For custom orders we can work on the order using Etsy's custom item format. Since custom items can often be a long and involved process collaborating with the shop owner you can wait until it's ready to ship to pay. Once we have the item ready we will contact you and say it's ready to go, then you can go ahead and pay for it at your convenience and we will ship when you have paid unless we make other arrangements at that time.


We ship our items by USPS first class or parcel post. If you would like your item shipped faster we may ask you to pay the difference between first class and priority mail although it has been our experience that items usually arrive in about the same amount of time as when shipped first class. We pay the shipping on exchanges but returns when approved will be at your expense unless we say otherwise.

Refunds and Exchanges

In the past I've dealt mostly wholesale to small boutiques. In order to get them to carry more of my products I had a generous return policy but I preferred they take new stock. I'm going to try to do the same here. I will take a return in exchange for credit in my store anytime. Even if shipping was free you'll have to pay return shipping, but I will add that to your credit. Otherwise I will return your payment but minus my shipping costs and you will have to pay return shipping. All returns are expected to be in good condition and all returns are at my discretion. If you are a good customer I may choose to pay for shipping also. You'll have 30 days to return any item. For custom orders returns are at shop owners discretion

Seller Information

I am a one woman shop and it can be difficult at times to do everything at once so please be patient. I',m a single mom named Zo McFee living in San Francisco and I have been making hats for over 25 years. For many years you could only by my hats through retail shops but now I sell directly to you passing on a better price without the retail store mark up.

Last Updated March 5, 2014