aTotallyStandupTote's Shop Announcement

Our classic handmade leather tote combines the beauty of leather with a fabric interior that adds strength and style. The colorful fabric interior gives personality and pizzazz to a rugged and useful bag. We've fused chic batik with buttery leather to create A Totally Standup Tote! Rave reviews of this classic open-top carryall feature its luxurious look and easy access as well as the comfort of its leather-covered rope handles for heavier loads. Perfect for toting your books, school supplies, computer, baby needs, knitting/craft projects, toys, workout gear or other everyday needs.

A Totally Standup Tote got its start when two sisters, Deb and Gin, conspired to replace their mother Shirley's beat and battered leather book bag. Deb snuck in and swiped it and together they created a brand new tote from some beautiful buttery-soft cherry red leather.

Shirley's Book Club is unusual in that they don't all read the same book. Instead, they each arrive with a bag of books, throw them on the floor, where a melee ensues as each selects their next round of books. It takes a rugged tote to stand up to such abuse!

The new tote was a beautiful, colorful, buttery tote, but alas, a slouchy, slumpy, saggy-baggy tote. Hence the quest began to create a totally standup tote!

Fast forward a few months and many trials later, Gin and Deb strike again, spiriting Shirl's bag away and fusing a beautiful red and green oriental batik to the interior. And voilà, a beautiful standup tote is born that can handle the test of Book Club, and more.

We're so excited about our rugged and beautiful totes that we want to share them with you - we hope that you find them to be a perfect marriage of function and style!