vintage sundries and (some) handmade jewelry


I opened up accidental charm back in 2008 not quite sure where I wanted to take it. I had sold handmade knitting notions and jewelry pieces over at my old shop, and had found success in that but felt like I needed a change. I needed to look elsewhere for inspiration and motivation.

I am a avid collector of old things. Things that make me smile, things that are pretty, things that are funny, things that move me, things that make me uncomfortable even and make me think. Anything that generates an reaction from me. Be it an old LP, an abandoned family photo or an old wedding dress that doesn't even come close to fitting me, doesn't matter. I will tow it home and try to find room for it.

And so, what is accidental charm then? Well, at first glance it's about selling aforementioned things and making room in the house to walk in. But I suppose it's also about the satisfaction of knowing someone out there got the same kick out of the same tchotchke you did. And feeling connected to the past. And appreciating the work and craftsmanship that went into pieces back in them olden times. And reusing and not being wasteful.

I still dabble in jewelry making as well. You are taught that your shop should stick to a specific theme and stick to it but I can't help it. I've grown to like the random mish-mashness of my etsy side as it reminds me of a thrift store.
Sandra Park
owner, President, VIce President, Secretary, and Treasurer
Hi, my name is Sandra.

I drink too much coffee and like gardening an awful lot.

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