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Simple, Sophisticated Handmade, Handwoven Artisan Textiles Designed for Home Decor & Personal Fashion in Classic Patterns, Colors, and Textures. ~ Handcrafted Quality & Timeless Style For Everyday Living & Special Occasions >>> Please, Stop & Browse a While!

...Why Handmade, Why Handwoven…

It is about Living with Purpose and Consciousness of the things around me and the world around me, which we each do in our own way. I am a Weaver, others are Doctors, Lawyers, Astronauts or Auto Mechanics. It's about acknowledging the things in Life that really count, things that make you or me smile & our hearts sing when in action, or at rest. Finding things that center us, things we are good at. Then, we each can share this with others to make a better world. -Amy C. Lund


~ Many Thanks to Newport Life Magazine for including several of my Woven pieces in their 2016 Wedding Issue! Earthy Autumn Finds p. 14 & Jeweled Winter p.16!

~ Several of my Items were Featured in "Heavenly Products Inspired by Mother Earth" in the Crave Section of March/April 2015 Issue of Newport Life Magazine

~ Snowed In Magazine 2014 features my Woven Mug Cozy in Gifts for Guys (p.30-31)!

~ Happy to have my work literally "in the hands" of a Top Chef! My Handwoven Textiles are featured in an "Artisan to Table" Collection by Tom Collichio for DaraArtisans (November 2014)

~ My Purple Rag Mug Cozy is featured in Kitchen Road Trip: Rhode Island // Feast + West Rhode Island Gift Guide : The intersection of Design + Food + Wanderlust by Susannah Brinkley (October 6, 2014)

~ My Red Plaid Mug Cozy is featured in Envie de saison #4 : une touche écossaise ! Blog by Passion Lectures & Co (Sept 28, 2014)

~ Wrap up in a Rhody Scarf: Embrace the Chill with Cozy Threads from 5 Local Designers features 2 of my Woven Scarves! Thank You to Casey Nilsson of Rhode Island Monthly's RIDaily Blog (September 16, 2014)

~ Woman Owned Wednesday: Amy C. Lund feature by Hannah Diamond on Urban Girl Blog (September 10, 2014)

~ My Cranberry Herringbone Table Runner is featured in "Timeless, Seasonal Home Decor" on DesignHarmony Blog! (February 13, 2014)

~ One of My Woven Blankets is Featured in the recent Blog Post "I'm thinking Warm Thoughts" by Marshall House Matters (January 24, 2014)

~ One of My Woven Kitchen Pot Holders Is Featured in "Kitchen & Bath: Local Artisans: Cut and Color" p.41 by Rhode Island Monthly - Home Design 2014 (November 2013)

~ Listed as "Rhode Island's Best of 2013" for Shopping by RI Monthly Magazine, August 2013 See more (Copy & Paste into your Browser)

~ Several of my Bath & Body Linens are currently featured in May/June 2013 Issue of Design New England Magazine for "Local Wares!"

~ My Handwoven Table Runner & Napkins are featured in “Figueroa Farmhouse Outdoor Wedding Ideas” on Once Wed, a Blog for California Outdoor Wedding Ideas (April 5, 2013) with video

~ One of My Table Runners is featured in the April 2013 Issue of House Beautiful Magazine as "the Best, Made in America!"

Celebrate Life & Give Someone you Love Simple, Sophisticated & Stylish Hand Woven Textiles this Season! Browse my shop for Scarves for the Style Mavens; Distinctive Table Runners for Entertaining a Crowd or an Intimate Dinner; Colorful Chef's Towels for Gourmet Cooks, Bakers or Food Lovers; Blankets & Throws for Cuddling on the Couch...

Please take a moment or two to browse, click, fav & share my shop... Handwoven textiles make unique gifts that give pleasure in the simplest of ways, highlighting holidays, celebrations and special occasions. Treat yourself, or give a gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy the finer things in life instead of putting them on a pedestal all the time! You deserve style that lasts! You will discover a whole new way of living artfully every day here & now! It's all in the details! Make the choice for handmade & start your collection of Amy C. Lund Handwovens today! Customize your lifestyle to fit your needs and desires....A little extra fiber is good for your health and your spirit.


Each of my hand woven textiles is made with careful handwork and attention to form as well as well as function. Attention to detail and commitment to traditional artistry separate my hand woven textiles from many others. I work entirely with traditional hand and foot powered looms, not using computers to guide my patterns or mechanics to power the loom. Each piece is a test and display of knowledge of materials, technical skills, and artisanry.

From the beginning, materials are chosen, the threads are wound to the same length, dressed on the beam of the loom, the pattern is threaded meticulously through the eyes of the heddles and reed one by one and tied up in preparation for weaving. This establishes the base for the fabric, aligning the threads of the warp to create a ground. Planning for size, color, and pattern are established before insertion of the weft filler. Most pieces are hemmed and finished by hand, as well, to create a smooth, refined look.


Items are made one-of a kind, or in short runs. Items listed here in my shop are ready for sale as described. I try to provide a sampling of choices within a style until they sell out. I am not a production weaver, and do not wish to make 100s of the same thing. That is the art of the craft! Consider within reason if something really needs to be 1 or 2 inches longer or wider as you browse the items being offered. Use the search button or links within the shop to find similar items, which may be offered in different sections. Please contact me if you cannot find something to suit your needs. Special orders can be placed for specific colors, longer runners, sets of table linens, or larger area rugs.


Each piece is made to be used and should be cared for as you would any well-crafted tool. Many of my finished items are machine washable, unless noted, and meant to be used every day. Many of the items have been tested over the years by myself and by many of my customers. Again, with attention to care, hand woven textiles will last a long time and bring continued enjoyment, although just as with anything, they may not last forever. Consider textile heirlooms from past generations that are still used today. Well-made and cared-for, these can be heirlooms of the future.


I commit myself to my work with my hands, my heart, and with my time as a full-time professional occupation, not as a hobby. In doing so, I compete with machine-made products to earn a living wage to survive in our current economic climate. Consider these pieces as works of enjoyable, aesthetic art as well as lasting utilitarian, working craft, and you will find the long-term values they carry can far outweigh some of the costs of things in your everyday environment that may be much more temporary or disposable.

Enjoy Artful Living with simple, sophisticated and stylish textiles. Hand woven textiles make unique gifts that give pleasure in the simplest of ways, highlighting holidays, celebrations and special occasions. Treat yourself, or give a gift that keeps on giving. I focus on classic patterns, colors, and textures that will fit in both traditional vintage or modern contemporary lifestyles and décor. Heirloom home decor furnishings, textiles, table linens & fashion accessories hand woven in natural cotton, linen, wool, alpaca & mohair, will last for years.

Start your collection of Amy C.Lund Handwovens today and enjoy the pleasures of artful living! Heirloom home decor furnishings, textiles, table linens & fashion accessories handwoven in natural cotton, linen, wool, alpaca & mohair, with classic and modern patterns, colors, and textures to last for years.

Tell your friends and loved ones what you like, add things to your favorites, email ideas! If you have any questions about my work, please contact me. I am always glad to share my knowledge of my craft and each piece I make. There is a story behind everything!

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I accept Direct Checkout and Paypal, and can arrange Layaway Payment schedules, if needed. Remember that textiles will bring lasting enjoyment for years to come when properly cared for, so they are an investment in your future, and will support the traditions of handmade arts. See something but not quite what you are looking for? Contact me and maybe I can create a custom piece to order.

Remember: Use the search box in the top menu to easily locate items within this shop by entering colors (red, blue) or items (like placemats or towels)! I also try to link items that may be similar to help you!
Please review my policies before purchase & feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

Shipping Note: Please see my profile for more info or contact me for details. International customers, please email or convo me & I will figure it out! Don't let it stop you from ordering!


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