ACutAboveCoins' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop that specializes in hand-cut coin jewelry, and hand-forged double sided coin rings. Both items are located in Seattle, Washington, high on Phinney Ridge, which overlooks Green Lake and the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range. I offer unique, one of a kind hand-cut coin earrings and pendants, which are plated in 14kt gold, rhodium, nickel and palladium. My coin rings, like my cut coins are carefully hand made with extra care and patience. My name is Wally, and I have been cutting coins and making rings for a number of years.


Cutting coins is a very time consuming and exacting practice. All my coins are hand cut using jeweler saws fitted with an assortment of fine saw blades. I try to give the impression that the subject matter, which remains after cutting, is floating within the outer ring. This is accomplished by making a small attachment to the ring, which is angle or pyramid cut. This allows the attachment to appear thin on the top, but thicker on the underside. It is a common method, which is used whenever a thin piece is cut that needs strength. The attachment to the coin may not appear to be substantial, but I have never had a problem using this technique.

I personally electroplate my coins with nickel, rhodium, palladium or a hard, cyanide based 14kt gold solution. Silver coins are sometimes highly polished and left un-plated. Unfortunately, gold plate will not last forever. Pendants that are constantly worn against the skin will need to be cleaned or at some time will have to be re-plated. A jeweler can easily clean a coin, but if the gold on my coins show signs of wearing off, I will re-plate it. The only charge to the customer will be for postage.

The highlights on selected parts of a coin are plated in rhodium, which is a hard, white metal, and will not tarnish. I am now pre-plating all my coins in nickel. In the past I was only pre-plating coins made of copper, bronze or brass. This extra step helps prevents the base metal from leaching through the final gold plate. I personally feel that a plated coin looks more like a fine piece of jewelry. It is nice to see earrings flash in the sun…

I use 14/20 gold filled jump rings, crimp beads and earwires. I offer earrings and pendants, and I will gladly make one earring into a pendant for approximately half the price. Pendants come with an adjustable black cord made up of a thin polyester cord, a gold filled jump ring and crimp bead. The adjustable sliders are made of bone.

My prices depend on the price I pay for the coin, and the time spent cutting, drilling, finishing and the time spent searching for the coins. The constantly changing cost of gold plating solutions, and the cost of the gold filled findings are also factored in.

I am also available to do custom cutting and plating. If you have a coin that has meaning to you or your family, or any interesting coin that you would like to have cut, please contact me on the website through Etsy conversation.

A quote, or mantra, that I constantly keep in mind when cutting a coin is: “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” It also helps to be a bit obsessive.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions that I have not covered.


I began my interest in making hand-forged double- sided coin rings after seeing these beautiful rings on various websites. Since I worked with coins all the time, making coin rings seemed to be a perfect way to split my time in the shop. Cut coin jewelry entails concertrated and detailed cutting. Ring making is more physical, and one is not sitting at a bench. I then went on an obsessed journey to learn how to make these beautiful rings, and began selling my custom coin rings at craft shows and Farmers Markets in the Seattle area. Now my coin rings will share my cut coin site on Etsy.

All my rings are hand-made, and have a design on both the outside and the inside of the ring. The method of forging and folding these rings from coins eliminates the problems associated with soldered seams. Since there are no seams, they cannot spit. All of my coins rings are made of silver, and will not cause stains on your finger. I enjoy spending the extra time hand-filing, smoothing edges, and polishing the rings so they are comfortable on your finger.

In addition to the silver American coins, I make interesting silver rings from the coins of other countries. Very few of these beautiful, silver coins are now in circulation. They are either found on the web or purchased from coin dealers.” Their likes will never be seen again,” and they can be considered interesting antiques; each with its own history, story and design.


When ordering one of my rings it is very important that you know your size. If you don’t know your correct size, please have a jeweler size the finger you will be wearing the ring on. Having the correct size will eliminate many problems. Please don’t guess!

All my coin rings are made from circulated coins. I would be pleased to work with you if you would like the same ring made from a higher grade, more expensive coin. Let me know what you are interested in.

You will find that coin rings will have a slight taper, and will also have a thick and a thin edge. The larger the ring size, the flatter the ring. The smaller the size, the more dome shaped the ring will be. Rings can be made with varying sized widths. Each ring has a certain size range, but I can size them slightly above or below these ranges. Please contact me, and we can discuss it.

Shipping times will be between 1 and 2 weeks. You will be notified if there will be any delays in the delivery time. When the ring is ready to be shipped I will notify you.

Like my cut coins, everything is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the ring, please mail it back, and I will refund your money. Please feel free to convo me if you have any questions.