adelinejewelry's Shop Announcement

Each and every adeline item is handcrafted from reclaimed vintage and antique components. Romance is inherent in antique jewelry - it already has a story, and where the story goes is up to you.

The upshot of using older recycled materials is also the cornerstone of eco-couture: eliminating the need for harmful new fabrication by utilizing high quality, found and sustainable materials. Green choices make the rhinestones shine brighter.

adeline consists of both one-of-a-kind items and limited runs. Commissions are always accepted with delight. Happiness is a warm gun, but a piece of custom jewelry is a joy forever. Please covo me if you have pieces that you'd like to remake into something new.

adeline jewelry is sold throughout boutiques in Los Angeles, and I am excited to join the etsy community. Well made is so often slow made, and I admire the handmade revolution that etsy has fostered.